Friday, May 11, 2007

Kathleen's Doll Quilt

A little more eye candy, because I can't just keep boring you with my stories!

This is a pattern by Jo Morton for the Jo's Little Women Club that I finished last night while watching Survivor and Grey's Anatomy. I'm sure now that the TV season is coming to an end, my quilting will suffer. Or maybe not. With our satellite TV, I'll still have a gazillion shows to watch while I quilt. Maybe I'll find some good documentary type stuff and dazzle you all periodically with some of the important things I learn, like that one the other day about how the prostitutes in the old days would cover their beds with tarps to protect their quilts from damage by overly enthusiastic cowboys. Who says TV rots your brain? Don't you just love history?


Darlene said...

Mighty cute quilt!

I've found your stories a bit refreshing!

Diane said...

These fabrics are exquisite!