Thursday, May 3, 2007

Continuation of a Theme . . .

No, not the Thimbleberries theme. The CHAPS! I just can't seem to get them out of my mind! Well, and who could blame me with a horoscope like this today: "You have the power to turn up the heat on your romantic life -- make things sizzle!" Hummm.

How about these babies? Anyone know where I could go out and get myself a pair of these?--

And I already have a pair of thigh-high brown suede boots. Yep, I do. Really. In fact, I seem to recall mentioning them to my son's girlfriend a week or so ago. Probably more information than she needed and she's probably scarred for life now. As my husband may be if I find myself a nice pair of spurs. But don't those chaps help prevent that kind of thing? Well, maybe not.

Oh, and you may wonder what all this has to do with quilting, which is what I'm all about, right? Did you know that back in the "old days" of the West, the gals working the cat houses would cover their beds with tarps to keep those dirty ole cowboys from messing up and tearing their quilts with their boots and spurs? True fact! It's amazing the kind of stuff you learn, watching documentaries while you quilt!

So, now I have a new quilting adventure to contemplate. Ride 'em cowboy! Yee-Haw!


Connie said...

You are just so full of useful information ;)
I have some red cowgirl boots that I bought on a trip in New Jersey many moons ago so I could wear them line dancing. Never found the dance but I'll hang on to the boots just in case. :)

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

You are just naughty!! Someone will flag your blog if you keep talking about spurs!!!! better make a quilt, that will keep you busy and out of trouble ....(or start preparing for Friday night dress-ups!!! LOL Tracey

Carole said...

ROFL Your are too funny girl! I just love your sense of humour. Back in 1992 I went cross country on my own to the Calgary Stampede. I had a press pass to photograph the stampede (studying photography at the time). Men, were there some good lookin cowboys! Yea, they could ride all right! I almost bought a cowboy hat but settled for the bandana! Sigh.... memories! lol