Friday, August 17, 2012

Can't Fool This Gringa!

I had a really nice time at a friend's house tonight, but I wanted to tell you how her husband tried to slip me a little tongue.

I know; it's kind of shocking, isn't it? Could he seriously have thought I'd fall for his tricks? But I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself.

My friend Imelda is one of my group of stitchers and she's also one of the members of our slightly smaller Autumn House block of the month group. As we're winding up this project, Imelda and I thought we'd get together a little earlier in the month than normal and cut the last "kits" for the four of us. (I'll have to tell you why we didn't wait until our regular meeting day, but that's for another post.) We usually meet at my house, but this time Imelda invited me to hers and extended an invitation to me to join her family for dinner as well. In fact, Imelda mentioned that her husband David might barbecue for us.

I've told you before about the time David barbecued for us when Imelda hosted all of our stitchery group. The Fourth of July had just passed, but David entertained us all with his own little pyrotechnical display. (Click HERE if you've forgotten the story.) So, yeah, dinner by David promised to be a bit of an adventure, and I was happy to accept Imelda's invitation.

During the afternoon, I received an email from Imelda. "For dinner we are having tortas; what kind of meat do you want?," she asked. She went on to list the options: "Carne Asada (my favorite); Carnitas; Lengua (David recommends Lengua); Chicken."

I absolutely love Italian food and Mexican food. I seriously couldn't pick just one, but luckily, I live in an area where both are abundant. I was raised in an Italian family living in a state whose culture and history is inextricably linked to Mexico. And while I haven't eaten EVERY kind of Italian and Mexican food, I've eaten enough to know which are my favorites and which I probably never even want to try--and I even know what they're called in their native tongue.

Well, David thought he'd tease me a little bit, so he had Imelda send me that email. First of all, he didn't think I'd know what a torta is, but he was wrong. A torta is basically a Mexican sandwich. Heaven between grilled bread. A Mexican panini, if you will. Yum!

But where he really thought he'd get me was with the "lengua." Uh huh. Tongue. I may be sort of blonde and I may not speak Spanish, but I know better. Not gonna catch me with that one, David! You'll have to try that tongue on someone else.

As it turned out, the carne asada torta was delicious, even if it was purchased at a restaurant and there were no pyrotechnic displays to accompany our meal. Imelda and I had a good time visiting and catching up with each other's news, and we did what we set out to do: Finished cutting the Autumn House quilt kits. Now all I need to do is make the last couple blocks and the border. And sew them together. And quilt it. Yep, that's all.

And David? Nice try, but now it's my turn!


Brandie said...

Pay back can be a b----! Can't wait to hear this story. And Thank you for the language lesson. I also knew what a torta was but I am now knowledgeable in another tongue.

Anonymous said...

I love lengua. I have tacos de lengua any chance I get. They have really good ones at a place by my house. If you weren't told it was lengua you wouldn't even know, it's just like regular meat, I think.