Friday, June 26, 2009

Home Repairs, Day 2

If you read yesterday's post, then you already know that the first day of repairs to fix an area of presumed dry rot on the outside of our home didn't really go so well. Well, not that it went BADLY--it just didn't go at all, because the "workers" were distracted by the USA/Spain soccer match and never made it outside! But that was okay--I didn't mind too much.

So today was the second day--the day when hopefully more would be done.

Soccer Son came over early--for him--around 9 a.m., set up all his power tools, and got down to business. As it turned out, there wasn't too much damage at all. Once the siding was off of the suspicious section, all the studs were found to be in good shape and only some minor repairs and replacement of the small section of siding was found to be necessary. Unfortunately, in the process, another random, uninvolved board was damaged.

To complicate matters, a couple hours into the job, our neighbor stuck his head out the window and asked that Hubby and Soccer Son stop making noise because he was trying to sleep. You see, he works nights driving truck. Now seriously, how can a person get anything done in the way of repairs when there's a day-sleeper next door? I feel for the guy and all, but what are we supposed to do?

So tomorrow morning, Soccer Son will return and will try to complete all of the noisy bits early in the day so as not to interrupt our neighbor's beauty sleep. Hubby and Soccer Son couldn't find a board to replace the one they damaged, and as Hubby pointed out, pulling the damaged board off would likely damage MORE boards. So I don't know what they'll do. I just hope it doesn't end up looking goofy. And Soccer Son will put a new piece of siding over what is now bare studs and insulation. And hopefully, everyone will live happily ever after.

Until Saturday. When our neighbors head out to work in their back garden at 8 a.m., turn on their moldy-oldies radio station--LOUD--and start up the lawn mower and weed wacker. And then their two tiny, yippy-yappy dogs start barking. And I wake up much, much too early for a weekend. And then I kill them all. And if that happens? At least now I won't feel too bad for having committed murder. I'm thinking that "what's good for the goose, is good for the gander" in this instance translates into justifiable homicide.


Orcsmom said...

I agree with you on justifiable homicide! I hate that when my neighbors start up early on a week-end, which if we are lucky, that is the only day we can sleep in! I secretly hope that when hubby and I are gone, my son throws a wide party that keeps them awake!!!! Hang in there!


Lorraine said... your reasoning..we have very quiet neighbours on both sides....and they are away a lot! Good luck with the repairs...would it have been easier to contract the work out??? least if you do murder the neighbours you shoule be able to get a good deal on legal representation! I am off home for the weekend......Woo Hoo.......!

Eileen said...

The only answer I have is to move to the country where the neibors are not that close. Might save you some attoerneys fees. Good Luck with getting the job done.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Don't have neighbors, it's bliss!...Probably until the day an axe murderer comes!
I have been reading back and now I want Cherry pie and it's all your fault. Do you know, that would not be made here by many at all, apple,apricot- yes, meat, yes, Cherry, ...only in dreams! Cherries are rarely cheap here, even in season.

dianne said...

people are SUPPOSED to be making normal working noises during the daytime hours of the week and if Mr. B(eauty) S(leep) is TIRED ENOUGH, he will SLEEP through it ... i know that this is true - i worked nights for years and years and i never EVER asked my neighbors to stop their daytime racket

Marla said...

Yes, your neighbor had no right to ask you to stop with the noise. I have a right to comment this as I worked night shift for years and would not have dreamed asking my neighbors to stop living while I slept. It wasn't their fault I had to work the grave yard shift!

Sandy said...

How dare he! What if you had hired a contractor - don't think they would work according to his beauty sleep hours. Hopefully you will get to sleep in tomorrow morning.

Winona said...

Sorry about this Kim. Now you know why we live out in the boonies. No close neighbors and we can basically do what we want, when we want. LOL Hope you get to sleep in tomorrow. Winona

Jen in NY said...

That guy needs to invest in a fan or a white noise machine or something. Really. Life does not stop because he works nights, that is very self-absorbed. What did he think, your husband and son were making noise just for fun? No, they had *work* to do! Sorry, I just hate it when people don't have good manners. Aargh!

Gran said...

I'd come visit you in jail. :0)