Saturday, June 27, 2009

Home Repairs, Day 3

It's Friday night--a night to celebrate the beginning of the weekend--and I'm yawning so widely I may dislocate my jaw. I don't know why, but I've been particularly unmotivated, lazy, and somewhat tired all week; I've barely made it into the Sweat Shop at all!

Day three of our home repairs ended with no additional progress having been made. Soccer Son was without transportation this morning, and so a plan was made for him to come over in the late afternoon (after our sleeping neighbor woke from his slumbers) to work on the house. As an extra bonus, he would bring the lovely Ms. S (photo below), and the two of them would join me and Hubby for barbecued chicken and corn on the cobb.

It was a very nice plan--a happy way to begin the weekend--until the lovely Ms. S went to the doctor this afternoon for an ear complaint. The doctor administered some type of test that left her in a great deal of pain, and he diagnosed a torn eardrum. Quite understandably, Soccer Son took Ms. S home, and all construction and dining plans were cancelled for the evening.

We'll try again tomorrow morning.

Since dinner was a no-go, I took the opportunity to stop by the thrift store on the way home and found a couple treasures.

Well, to be honest, I'd stopped by a different thrift store on the way home last night too. The framed blackboard was from last night's excursion. Tonight I found the wooden Shaker-style box and two older quilt books: Fairmeadow by Jeana Kimball (an applique quilt) and Scrap Quilts by Judy Martin. I'm QUITE pleased with both of them. Of course, I found a few other things as well: an olive-ish green plaid wool blazer for deconstruction and felting, another white teapot with a copper insulated cover (this makes THREE for my collection--I really SHOULD stop!), a crock with a lid that matches a larger one I already have, and a secret something for Hubby whose birthday is on Monday. Plus a few other odds and ends that will either be fancied up someday or used in fancing up something else--stuff like a couple of small, unfinished wooden boxes and a few books with illustrations that can be used for decoupage, a nice quality scrapbook-type of book with a cover that's ripe for some type of artistic embellishment, etc.

I guess it's time for me to head to bed. That area of the house that's being repaired tomorrow morning? Right underneath my bedroom window. And since Soccer Son is doing the repairs for OUR benefit, I guess I can't be all cranky and snippy at him if I can't sleep through the noise--not like SOME people we know!

I hope you've had a happy start to your weekend!

* * * * *

BONUS POST: Okay, so here I am still, about an hour later, still yawning and still blog surfing, and that boy of mine is going to be pounding on my house in not-enough-hours harder than the Big Bad Wolf pounded on the houses of the Three Little Pigs! But--I just had to share this:

You can find it on Helen's blog, Hugs From Helen.

It's a seven-month BOM and Helen has a link so you can click right over from her blog and buy the pattern. I'm also supposed to mention that Helen is having a giveaway of the pattern too, but I'd really prefer that you just BUY THE DARN THING and don't enter the giveaway because I don't want you to dilute MY chances of winning. Okay? Thanks! I knew I could count on you!


Amanda said...

I've had a torn eardrum before. It's not fun.

My neighbors probably complain about our construction (the two story garage), too. They just don't tell us, which is nice.

Thanks for the heads up on the pattern. It is pretty. You need to check out modas bakeshop today. You will love it, and it's from one of your "Kims".

chris said...

You can count on some people not to dilute your chances of winning. Not me! I'm going right over there and enter to win!
thanks! Have a good weekend.

Bonnie said...

I have Fair Meadow book and love it. I've used several of the blocks or parts of the blocks for various things. I've enlarged the blocks too. Very versatile book.

Cute Christmas embroidery. I promise not to dilute your chance. Bonnie in the Poconos

Julia from Thimbleberries said...

I loved the embroidery class. It was great fun.

I'm sorry, but the pattern is just too cute and I went straight over to Hugs from Helen to put in my bid for the freebie. Otherwise, I will pine away for the the whole pattern that costs a huge $84.00!!

Gran said...

Please give my regards to Ms. S. I have never heard of a torn eardrum and it sounds very painful.

How were things this morning? Dueling lawn mowers and power tools?

I snook a peek at your blog while the bar-b-q is heating up. Loving our son home!