Thursday, June 25, 2009

Giddiness Abounds Here

Sometimes BIG achievements bring about giddiness. Like the USA men's soccer team beating Spain 2 to 0 in the Confederations Cup semi-final today. How BIG is that? Here's a little excerpt from the news story:

"Goals from Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey ended Spain's world record run of 15 successive victories and their 35-match unbeaten sequence, a world record streak they share with Brazil, and caused one of the biggest soccer upsets in years."

Soccer Son came over today--he and Hubby were going to pull a section of siding off the house and start repairs on a small area of dry rot. Instead they watched the soccer game. Can I blame them? Nope! For these two devoted soccer fans, seeing USA win against Spain was like going to Disneyland without having to travel. Yep, they were GIDDY! And I bet I know what we'll be doing on Sunday when USA plays either Brazil or South Africa in the final match!

And as for me? Well, I was working while they were watching the game, but I had my share of giddiness today too. I went to the office supply store during my lunch hour to pick up a couple ink cartridges for our printer.

Yes, as a matter of fact, office supply stores DO make me a bit giddy--I LOVE, love, luv paper and other office stuff. Weird, huh? But here's the BEST part. I got my ink right away and decided to wander through the store and take in the whole "new office supply" atmosphere when what did I see?

A 64-crayon box of Crayolas waiting JUST FOR ME! Yep, my heart started to race and with trembling hand, I reached out and SNATCHED those Crayolas off the shelf before anyone else could beat me to them!

And if I hadn't thought people might think me odd, I would have opened the box and inhaled that new, waxy paper smell right then and there! But, being mindful of appearances, I restrained myself until I got back to my office--ahhhhhh! That's a smell I remember from childhood. The rest of the afternoon, that box of 64 marvelous, wonderous colors sat right next to me on my desk. And every now and then? I'd pick it up, turn it around, and admire the "built-in perfect-tip sharpener" on the back. I've always felt a brand new box of Crayolas represented endless possibilities. Heaven!

Ah! Did I hear someone ask what I planned to DO with this divine 64-crayon box of Crayolas? Well, my friend Gran knows! Click over HERE and see!

I had yet another quilt class tonight, and when I arrived at Bearpaws & Hollyhocks, clutching my bag of Crayolas (because it was much too hot to leave them in the car), I ran into Gran. When I showed her my brand spankin' new box of 64 Crayolas, the first thing she did was open the box and inhale the waxy paper smell. We really and truly ARE kindred spirits!

When I got home after work and class, Hubby and our friend Terry came home from dinner out. Of course, Terry admired my Crayolas and said his wife--my BFF Lisa--would be extremely envious. When Lisa was a kid, she could always tell when her family either had money or was pinching pennies, because when they were doing well, she got the 64-crayon box of Crayolas, and when things were tighter, she got a box of 12 off-brand crayons. It's funny how so many of us have stories to tell about our childhood and Crayola crayons! What's your story?


Orcsmom said...

I too remember that smell of a new box of crayons. I always got the off brand, the real waxy kind, but in my Easter basket, I would get a box of Crayolas, and yes, I was just as giddy as you get! I was in Woodland for a baseball manager meeting. I have a meeting every night this week, except Saturday, and Sunday thru Wednesday next week. Then the tournaments start and I am free until next year!! I finished my tea towel. It turned out very striking if I don't say so myself. Have a good rest of the week! Go USA!!


Suzan said...

Just when I thought I was the only one - another woman that LOVES the office supply store! If that wasn't enough, you get excited about Crayola crayons in the 64 pack. I have gotten new boxes for Christmas off and on over the years. Only last year did I allow my granddaughter to use MY crayons. (And that was only because I decided she was old enough not to break any.)

Sinta Renee said...

Thanks for the newsflash Kim. I had meant to look that up first thing this morning! I, having been a soccer mom, still find a great need to follow the sport.
I know exactly how you felt about the crayons... and the trill just is not complete until you open the box and smell them! Ahhh!

Pattyr said...

I too can relate to the wonderful smell of crayola crayons! I remember ( I was in Brownies) touring the factory where they made crayons. It was thrilling seeing seeing those glorious colors becoming crayons! ...Ah chidhood memories...
My Dear Husband and son are both soccer fans too and I watched USA upset Spain with them. A very Happy day in our house. :) Thank you!

Quilting Kim said...

Go USA!!

Your story of going into a stationery store rings so familar to me. When I walk in, I feel my eyes glaze over and I have to touch everything - kind of like touching fabric in a quilt shop. Um, I don't know whether or not to tell you, but Crayola now has a box of 96 crayons - a little piece of heaven in a box!!!

Amanda said...

I love office supply stores and scrapbooking shops. When I was a little girl I used to dream of places full of pretty paper, colorful pens, magic markers, stickers, and crayons. It's like deja vu every time I walk into a scrapbooking store.

I love going "back to school" shopping with my kids. There's something about notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, and crayons that make me giddy!

It's nice to know I'm not the only one who loves an office supply store.

Sheila said...

I am a "closet crayon sniffer" too!!!

dianne said...

santa brings me a box of crayons every year for christmas ... last year santa was Michael Myson and he told me that he had sniffed all the yummy scent out of the box and how sorry he was ... i snatched it away from him and took a big old whiff - it still smelled like heaven ...... so i knuckle-punched his arm for messing with me and hid my box of 96 (yes, 96 - i must have been a very, very good girl) till everybody was gone