Monday, August 11, 2008

The World

Have you been watching the Olympics? I have. I wasn't too excited by the opening ceremonies, but then I never am. I think I watched maybe half an hour and then turned it to something else. But I love watching the athletes compete. The men's swimming relay today was pretty darn exciting!

I've noticed that watching the Olympics this time is a little bit different, though. Yes, I get excited when an athlete from the USA wins--that hasn't changed. But now when athletes from other countries do well, it reminds me of my blog friends in those countries--Australia, the Neatherlands, and the UK to name a few. YAY!!! to you and your country!

I had a comment to yesterday's post that was in Spanish, I believe. Have you ever used Babel Fish to translate a paragraph? Sometimes you can get some pretty funny results. I translated the comment and here's what I got:

"Today descubri your blog and I like much, I congratulate this to you very pretty but I cannot read it, I am going to have to learn idioma.pero as I like and I do patchwork, seguire watching your trabajos.te control an affectionate hug."

An affectionate hug back atcha Maria Emilia. And thanks for telling me you like my blog even if you can't read it. I totally understand because I've never been very good at languages other than English. In the spirit of an international exchange of ideas without language, I guess I'd better post a photo or two.

I took two more photos of the Christmas List blocks so far--in the daylight, so you can see them a bit better. I hope you're not tired of seeing them.

Then, just so you know I haven't sunk to the depths of Hamburger Helper as a daily nutrition source, I thought I'd wow you with a photo of the blueberry cobbler I made. And yes, I actually stopped quilting long enough today to go to the grocery store, so there are at least a few good meals in our immediate future.

Tonight I finished quilting the Thimbleberries Lakeside BOM quilt; tomorrow night I'll get the binding on and maybe sewn down, but I suspect that's a little too ambitious since I also have the Christmas List class.

Thanks for stopping by to visit, and a big thank you and "good luck" to my international friends for helping to broaden my world beyond my own country's boundaries!


Eileen said...

Kim , I think you baked that blueberry cobbler, just so you would have a picture to show that you still were a little domistic. LOL Looks good.

Carol said...

Kim, I'm not tired of seeing your Christmas List blocks, in fact I was wondering where I might find the pattern. Your blueberry cobbler looks so yummy.

Mary said...

The last Olympics we lived in England...therefore, had British television. In the US you get all of the USA coverage. In Europe...naturally the European Athletes. I feel very priviledged this time to see USA more....but as you...have many friends around the world so wish all best of luck! BTW....blueberry cobbler looks devine! YUMMO

Teresa said...

That's cute about the person not being able to read your blog but enjoying it just the same. I to enjoy your blog - both for the pictures you show and your funny writing style. You always inspire me with your quilting and give me a smile with your words. Thanks!


HEY KIM--where is the picture of your quilt not bound? and how did you get that done already? we get block 8 this month--Saturday in fact....I will take some of that cobbler off your hands too, if the family doesnt eat it all!!!!! *~*CAROLE*~* (quilter's hollow)

Louise said...

Would you feel even more international if I wrote to you in Swedish? Jag kan göra det om du vill(I can do that if you like)!
Anyway, I do like your Christmas quilt... you are so smart to work on it now!
Greetings from Louise in Sweden

Barbie Jo said...

Never tired of your BOM pics, your quilt is lookin cuter every day! And yum, cobbler too, my DH would be so jealous. Poor neglected man, he bought bakery cookies (blech) at the store yesterday when I sent him for corn on the cob.

Lorraine said...

I agree with you about the opening ceremony...I think the next country should start from the beginning again and just use the opening to introduce the athletes and then "let the games begin".....Usually we have only get to see Aussie athletes but this year there seems to be a much broader focus which is great...there are some sports that I just think..."what the?"....but whatever floats your boat I guess....the swimming has been great to watch and that Mr Phelps is amazing!!..... I have my Olympic project organised to stitch while I watch....

quiltmom said...

HI Kim,
The Olympics is always fun to see- and there are so many events to watch- some more exciting than others. Good luck to Michael Phelps- he seems like a terrific person as well as a tremendous athlete.

Your Christmas quilt is looking good as is your blueberry cobbler-They both look splendiforus!
I am glad to see you are recovered from your stomach bug- you have been moving right along in the sweat shop, getting lots of things accomplished - good for you!