Sunday, August 10, 2008

Loose Threads

I had a couple things I wanted to follow up on. First of all, Ranette posted a comment asking about the Homespun magazine. Ranette is "no-reply" so I couldn't answer her questions, but I thought maybe there were others wondering the same thing--what issue is it and where can you get it in the US--so I thought I'd give you a little more info. The issue is 9-7 and it's the Christmas issue.

Instructions for the stitchery quilt by Bronwyn Hayes will appear in issues 9-7, 9-8, and 9-9--it's a three-parter. I have bought Homespun a few times online from Erica's--they have a pretty good selection of Australian magazines. The latest issue they have right now is the issue before this one but they will probably have the Christmas Issue before too long.

Second, some of you asked about the Kaye England block of the month and suitcase program I had signed up for. I did some internet checking and found it's called Wilmington Prints--Kaye England Progressive Patchwork Program. If you click HERE, you can see the fabrics that will come packed in the suitcase. Unfortunately, I didn't find a photo of the quilt, but from what I understand, the way the program works is that you can chose whatever fabrics you want to use for a particular block from the fabrics in your suitcase, and there are finishing kits in two colorways--blue or brown. (I think that quilt hanging behind the suitcase might be one of the extra projects.) If you're looking for a shop offering the class, you might try contacting Wilmington Prints to see if they can give you any information.

I've also been trying to tie up a few loose threads in the Sweat Shop. Monday is my next Christmas List class, and I was determined to get caught up, so I've been working toward that end. Finally, I think I've done all I can for now.

Sorry this photo is a bit dark, but it was night time. There are three more main blocks that will fit into the open spaces--Build a Snowman, Watch for Santa, and Enjoy the Season. In theory, assuming I keep up with the last three blocks, I think I might be able to finish the piecing/applique in October and actually have it completely done by Christmas--in theory anyway.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend! I'll be spending what's left of mine quilting the Thimbleberries Lakeside quilt. Thanks for stopping in to visit!


Eileen said...

The Christmas List is going to be sooo cute. Now how will you change it?

You HAVE to put YOUR mark on it don't you?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Anonymous said...

hi the mag is the current one. A Christmas in July special. There is a quilt shop in Australia that may stock them and post them. hope it helps those wanting to know.

Mar said...

Your Christmas BOM is adorable, can't wait to see that one finished.

i am very mary said...

If I admit to envying your quilty ways, is that a sin or not?

Maria Emilia said...

hoy descubri tu blog y me gusto mucho,te felicito esta muy lindo pero no lo puedo leer,voy a tener que aprender idioma.pero como me gusta y hago patchwork,seguire mirando tus trabajos.te mando un cariƱoso abrazo.

ranette said...

Awww...I'm sad that I'm no reply. I don't mean to be. Thanks for the info though.

Erin said...

oh I love the Christmas list! You are on a roll! I too am doing the thimbleberries lakeside, on the third section.....thanks for the info on Kaye England..also found out sells some too...I might order some fabrics I love them!!

RuthS said...

Thanks for the information on the progressive patchwork program. I was given the suitcase and fabric as a Christmas gift but have been able to find a clear copy of the pattern. Any idea's as to how to get a color copy? I have a black and copy with a photo of the finished quilt but the instructions are not printed clearly. Thanks!