Friday, August 15, 2008

The Plan!

Thank you all for your comments and input on what project I should tackle next. Apparently you think I should do them all, and I kind of agree! So here's my plan--now let's see if I can carry it through.

I'm going to start piecing the Schnibbles X-Rated pattern using the Portugal fabric. I reasoned that I just finished quilting a quilt, so I deserve a little piece(ing). I'll probably start cutting Friday night. Now one thing I hadn't mentioned to you before is that I have a little bit of applique planned for this one, so it won't be just a weekend project, but I'm going to keep it simple, so hopefully I WILL be able to get it done before too long. And, of course, you can look forward to another Schnibbles pattern giveaway soon!

I'm also starting the Halloween applique project. I'm not sure how long it will take, but I'll bring this one to work with me and work on it during my lunch hours. I'll also have it to work on at home when I need a break from the sewing machine. I've sorted out my backgrounds--the lime green on the left of the pattern is the center background; the rest are the backgrounds for the border appliques:

I'm going to try to get the first block prepped tonight and take it to work tomorrow. No time like the present!

Finally, once I get the Schnibbles quilt pieced, I'll switch sewing machines back to the Juki and haul out the Thimbleberries Stars quilt and get that one quilted. My goal is to have it quilted by my next Thimbleberries Club meeting the second Wednesday in September for show and tell. And, of course, I'll do a little tutorial for those of you who asked how it was pieced--I'd like to make a couple pillow covers to match the quilt, so making a few of the blocks to show you how it's done will work into my plans pretty well.

Ambitious plans, yes? Yes! Well, those darn Olympics should give me a good head start since I probably won't be sleeping much for another week! And about those Olympics--I may miss a night or two of blogging. Don't worry about me. I've probably just fallen asleep at the keyboard!

Oh, and tonight I got the hanging sleeve sewn onto the Lakeside quilt and have it hanging--no pesky cats to ruin the photo:

I've been asked how I quilted it, so here are two close ups of a couple sections. I think if you click on them to make them larger, you should be able to see the quilting patterns. (I clicked after I posted this and they don't show up that great. Maybe in a different light, the quilting will show up better. I'll see if I can get better photos in the next couple days during daylight hours.)

Well, I gotta go. I have a lot to get done. I'll be sure to show you my progress, so stop back by when you get a chance!

P.S.: Oops! Almost forgot: I FOUND the American Patchwork and Quilting magazine! Last night I went to bed and was reading; I glanced over at my stack of books and magazines on the desk next to me, and there it was at the bottom of the pile. So, yes, the pink and brown quilt is in my future, but the question now is which pattern do I want to use? One thing is certain: I'll have time to think about it while I work on these other projects!


Anonymous said...

Love that thimbleberries quilt.

I have nominated you for a blog award, details on mine.

Lorraine said...

I can't believe how much you get done....a veritable quilting machine!!! can't wait to see the witch...she looks fab!!

Eileen said...

The Lakeside looks great. I could see the feathers in the border and that's about all.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I can never go on a fabric diet and visit you!! You find all these deliciously tempting treats for me to drool over-I'd go all the plans as well.
Speaking of Olympics, how amazing are the male gymnasts and how they catch themselves by their underarms. i would never lift my arms again-they have a lot of me to catch!!Tracey

Nancy said...

YEA!! I will be watching for progress on that quilt and of course the GIVEAWAY!!

Carol said...

Good plan Kim, I always want to do it all too. I love your Lakeside Quilt.

Erin said...

great plan you sound enthusiastic! The Lakeside Quilt is gorgeous!!!!

Merley said...

I love your Christmas List blocks. Is this a BOM or from a pattern or did you create it yourself?