Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Night Fun!

It's Friday night, and the weekend has officially arrived! It arrived a little bit early for me because I took about an hour of vacation time and left work at 4:30 so I could come home and shampoo the carpet in my daughter's former room. Do I know how to party, or what?!!

Once I was done, as a reward, I took myself down to the Hundred Dollar Store. Here's a photo taken from my car as I was stopped at the light, waiting to turn left to get into the parking lot. Remember my "God's Kar" post? The photo of Gods Kar was taken at just about the same spot. As I was thinking about that earlier experience, what do I see but this limo:

Yes, this is apparently a limo. I think it's about the oddest limo I've seen. I'm guessing maybe this is the limo graduates of the trucking school hire when they want to celebrate successfully obtaining their "degree." What do you think? And when does a bus become a limo? I bet a bus would be cheaper!

So I went to the Hundred Dollar Store to get hairspray. I have really fine, limp hair and to get it to stay where I want it, the best product I've found is Aussie Mega Freeze Spray. The grocery store stopped carrying it, so I had to go to the drug store. Then the drug store stopped carrying it, so now I have to go to Target--and when I do, I stock up on about four cans because that's a really dangerous place to shop. I was in Home Depot the other night; if I had thought about it, I suppose I could have just picked up a can of lacquer and called it done. Sure would have been less expensive! Yes, the Hundred Dollar Store and my trip to buy four cans of hairspray ended up costing $105 and some change. I figure inflation must account for that extra $5. Hubby doesn't know it yet, but I bought a couple new pillows and a cushy mattress pad--the bulk of my purchases. While he's at work tomorrow and I'm cleaning house, I'll "install" the pad and pillows. I may even need to nap-test them! (Yes, I have one of those fun-never-stops weekends planned, ladies! Try not to be too jealous!)

Let's see. What else did I do on this fine Friday night? Well I took the scenic but slightly longer route to the Hundred Dollar Store right past the Goodwill store. Except I didn't, after all, drive right past. No, I had to stop. Now that the crowds from the big Memorial Day sale have cleared out, I was able to browse at a less frantic pace and I found a couple more wool sweaters and a red wool blazer.

The sweaters would now make nice doll sweaters--yes, I also spent my Friday night out in the garage, doing laundry and shrinking clothing.

But hey! Look what came in the mail! Hubby went down to the mailbox and brought back a box--

My thread is here, my thread is here! Had I gotten that box earlier in the evening--like right after I shampooed the carpet--I might have hustled myself into the Sweat Shop and skipped the shopping trip, thereby saving myself $105! But at least I can get the Prairie Paisley quilt finished up now--and this is the right weight of thread too!

And what else was in the mail? This apparently came a few days ago, and I think hubby was intentionally hiding it from me, burying it under all the other miscellaneous mail on the kitchen table, which was conveniently hidden behind a bunch of thrifting purchases.

Do you see that? Salvation Army is having a 50% off sale! Oh, but wait! When is it? Friday, May 30th? DARN! I missed it! Instead of hitting the sale, I've been watching TV and cutting apart a red wool blazer! I've gotta start planning out my Friday nights better! After all, there are so many fun things to do and only a limited amount of time to do them in!


Eileen said...

You had a much more fun Friday night than I had. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

I know just what you mean about the Hundred Dollar Store. I went the other day to get cat litter and ended up spending $165!

Su Bee said...

Chuckle chuckle, giggle....snort....LOL!!! "Hundred Dollar Store"? Hysterical! I've never heard that - course, stuck out here in the sticks I've never had the chance. Your weekend sounds as rowdy as mine - enjoy!

BusyLittleQuilter said...

That's funny (Hundred Dollar Store). When I saw it I thought that maybe you went to the dollar store and came home with 100 things.

Nope you can't do that at Target or Walmart. I spent $170 at Walmart last night, and barely any food.

My Friday night excitement was finding a new place to hang a quilt!

Greenmare said...

what a load of GREAT stuff!
odd limo, but have you ever seen one of the hummer limos? can you say ugly? ;-)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

WHAT???????? No pkg from your nephew Boo??? LOL!!!!
You've gotta stay away from the 100 dollar store. It'll kill you.

Nan said...

What a limo! I've never seen the likes....
Too funny, the 100 dollar store! At times, it truly is that, I will agree.
Your thread is beautiful, sparkling away in their packages.