Thursday, January 9, 2014

What a Change!

I used to say my favorite sport was extreme quilting, but now I can boast that I'm a multi-sport athlete.  Yep; scoff if you will, but now not only do I engage in CrossFit and (stationary) cycling, but I'm also a bowler.  And I did all three tonight.  A veritable triathlon, right?  And that doesn't even include extreme quilting!

My employer very kindly agreed to sponsor three teams for bowling and our league play began this evening.  Yes, we're coming in at the middle of the season, but it doesn't matter--we're all just there for fun.  And the cool bowling shirts.

The other day, I bought my own ball--THAT's how serious I am, right?  Well, not exactly.  The truth is I have big fingers and need a light ball; and all of the house balls with large enough holes weigh about 16 pounds or more--ARGH!  So I broke down and bought my own ball--a very pretty swirly blue one--and tried it out tonight for the first time.  I think I bowled 121, 124, and 97--not nearly as good as I used to bowl back in the day, but not a poor showing either . . . except maybe that last game.  Still, it's been something like 30 years, so I can't expect to just jump right back in.  Besides, I figure a slow start can only help the handicap.  Hubby and I used to bowl in a league, but it was tough to line up child care when the kids were little, and then my ball started losing chunks of plastic, so once it stopped rolling straight, rather than buy a new ball, we stopped bowling.

By the way, do you know they have automatic scoring now?  Awesome!  That means you can go ahead and HAVE that extra beer and not worry about adding, subtracting, erasing, sloppy penmanship, and soggy score sheets. About that beer though.  When it comes to bowling and beer, I suspect calories in exceed calories out.  So I guess I'll have to keep up with the CrossFit and (stationary) cycling.

You know what I suspect the hardest part of being a multi-sport athlete is?  It's probably going to be getting my muscles to obey when it's time to roll out of bed tomorrow morning.  I'll let you know how that goes . . . unless I just can't manage to do it, in which case I'll probably just give up and die there and you won't hear from me again.  But for now, I guess I'd better go take a warm bath and gulp down some anti-inflammatories.  We'll talk again later . . . I hope.


Josie McRazie said...

I love to bowl! Have my own ball and everything! (Pretty much for the same reason as you!) Plus have you ever noticed how far apart the finger and thumb hole is! Anyway! I'm lucky if I bowl a 60! But man I love it!

Carolyn Sullivan said...

LOL good for you!
I bowl poorly, and only for fun. I think it's been over 35 yrs since I bowled. and then never as good as you did. Maybe if I had my own ball! (NOT !)

Anna said...

I on the other hand need the bumpers up in order to bowl! LOL