Sunday, January 5, 2014

Cupid Has Landed!

Quite often after Christmas I change out the decorations for Valentine's Day, and since red is the common color theme . . . and since snowmen are appropriate winter decorations at least through January . . . it's pretty simple to do.  Many of my "Christmas" decorations stay for awhile, although Santa, at least, is retired to the North Pole.  The trees?  Well, one or two are put away, like the large one in the living room, but some are redecorated for the next holiday.  Here's a look at a few of the spaces in my home.

First up is a woven heart quilt I made and taught--this was the first class I ever taught!  A little more about that in a second.  That was SUCH a fun class!  And best of all, it led to the beginning of my stitchery group, because all or most of those ladies were students in that class.

More woven hearts . . . and snowmen.  And mice.  Mice are good any time of the year because they're non-seasonal, although mine seem dressed for cold weather, so they'll probably come down with the snowmen.

Do you remember the Heart Stuck Runner?  More woven hearts.  Click HERE for the directions to make it.

The Valentine tree in the Sweat Shop is tricked out in hearts and Monica Solario-Snow (Happy Zombie) Pennie Pockets.  Now about that first class I taught . . . .  Not only did I teach how to make the quilt but I decorated the classroom with a tree similar to this one, and I filled the Pennie Pockets with chocolate dipped pretzel sticks rolled in sprinkles.  At the end of class, I gave each student a Pennie Pocket.  I wrote about it HERE.  I should probably put something in these Pennie Pockets, but I'm not sure what that might be.  If you'd like to make some of Monica's Pennie Pockets, click HERE

Also, the heart tree skirt?  You can't really see it very well in this photo, but if you click HERE, you'll see a better photo along with the directions to make one of your own.

A little glimpse into the "powder room" with another Valentine's Day mini.  I think I still have one kit left for the wool and cotton heart wallhanging--I'll have to get a few things listed in my Etsy shop in case anyone is interested because this is the perfect time of the year for small, quick projects!

 In the computer/craft room, we have a tree with folded paper hearts.  I remember making these, but I don't remember where I got the pattern, and I didn't find a link on my blog.

In the Wild Child's former room, there is a tree with heart-shaped ornaments.  Directions for making your own mitten pillow as seen in the background can be accessed HERE.

Can you stand one more woven heart block quilt?  This one alternates the heart blocks with tree blocks, which perfectly pulls Christmas and Valentine's Day together for me.

The lettering on this one says, "Winter Chills . . . Warm Hearts."

Happy quilting!


Janet said...

I love your Valentine decorating. I'm just about to do the same, and maybe make a heart mug rug for my daughter to use at her desk at her office . Happy New Year

Janet (from Canada)

Anna said...

it is hard to believe Valentines Day is so close...I need to start thinking about the decor...or at least a little quilt!

Joy Candrian said...

Oh my - such sweet, loving designs!

Anonymous said...

The little quilt with the hearts and trees. Is there a pattern for it? I love it!!!

Nancy H. said...

Love your decorations and your tablerunner. Think I will have to make one of them! And like your white plates on your mantle with the mice and snowmen!
Thanks for the pics and directions!

KMSC said...

I love the tour of your Valentine decorated house! Thanks for the inspiration!