Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hello Out There!

I went to the local quilt show yesterday and ran into some of my quilting acquaintances and friends who I haven't seen recently.  As I mentioned to many of them, I'm looking forward to a time when I have reached whatever weight I'm happy with, so I can cut back a little bit on the exercise routine and have a little more time for quilting.  If I had to pick one thing I miss most since embarking on this little journey of mine, I think it would have to be the time for sewing.

Otherwise, though, I'm doing pretty well.  I can't tell you how many pounds I've lost because I don't weigh myself--although the next time I visit my doctor's office, I'll be able to compare.  However, I've lost a few pant sizes.  And that's another thing!  I feel like I'm spending an awful lot of time shopping for things to wear.  Of course, it's not just the fun stuff either--it's stuff like PJs and bras and all those things that are necessary but too utilitarian to be exciting, especially since I know I'll likely be buying the same things again in a couple months. And since I don't plan to be wearing any of the things I've been buying for very long, I have to be smart about spending money, so I've spent time scouring a few thrift stores for tops and dresses and department stores for sales on the things I don't want to buy used.

Ironically, at my office, the staff haven't really had a place to hang our coats since they turned the coat closet into a medical library years ago.  After some off-and-on lobbying for a place to hang our coats, they've finally made room for us in a utility closet.  Unfortunately, though, I don't have a coat to hang in there because the one I had is too large now!  So I can see another shopping trip to the thrift stores is in my future because I really don't want to pay close to $100 for a coat that I hope won't fit next year.

Besides missing sewing, I also miss chatting with you, although until I have more fun things to show and talk about, I suppose I'll continue to be fairly silent.  My best guess at this point is that the diet and exercise routine will last a few more months before I get to a point I'm happy with.

I can tell you, though, that I feel a lot better.  Cleaning house and doing anything else physically active is a breeze.  Decorating the house for fall was simple as pie--which I can't eat.  And I hope decorating for Christmas will be equally painless and quicker than normal.  Maybe best of all, it looks like I've brought my blood pressure down; I purchased a blood pressure monitor to keep an eye on it, but it's well below the "worry" level and I've been able to discontinue the blood pressure medication I've been taking for the past few years.

I hope to spend a little time in the Sweat Shop today and if I get anything accomplished, I'll show you later.  In the meantime, for those of you who are playing around with scrappy projects, here's Mister Linky--please link up and show us what you're working on.


Cathy said...

You and your Crossfit inspired me. We don't have Crossfit around here so I joined Orange Theory, similar focus on high intensity interval training. I had my first class yesterday; what a workout! I went to sleep at 9:45 last night.

Sandy said...

All I can say is, You Go, Girl! Good for you, sticking with it and losing the weight - not easy. And I'm with you on the thrift store shopping - more variety there, anyway! said...

Oh how cool you are off your blood pressure medication. Keep going!

Carolyn Sullivan said...

I think it is wonderful and I agree it does eat into my sewing time too!
However I will be able to sew many more yrs bc of the wt loss and exercise I do!
I think my brain is working better too :)

So I have to shop.... Oh well! LOL

Tina said...

Big Congratulations on sticking with your exercise program, losing weight and feeling so much better! You go girl!!!!!

Shirley I. said...

Congratulations on your dedication and success!! Once you attain your happy weight, you will have time to sew and enjoy the new you!!!!!!

dianne said...

i didn't weigh myself, either - for 18 years ... but when i turned yellow in september, the first thing the doctor did was have me step onto the scale ... sheesh - it's not like i wasn't feeling sick enough!!! ha ha ha!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. Sounds like you getting healthier and that is what counts. Thanks for sharing.

Dasha said...

Well done on loosing weight! So inspiring hearing someone whose success story is a s good as yours. Its also good to hear you say that your health has improved. Go girl!! I lost some last year, and had the same problem as you - nothing fit. Still wearing some "fatty" jeans - it keeps me inspired to keep the weight down.