Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Done and Done!

Back a few months ago, I'd probably have finished several projects over the course of a three-day weekend but not so much these days.  My stitchery friends gathered on Saturday, so I managed to get three more blocks appliqued for the Pumpkin Pie quilt by Bunny Hill.

Of course, now I have most of another year to finish this one!

On Sunday, when I thought I'd pin the Comfort and Joy quilt, I found that most of my quilting time was consumed in piecing a backing.  By the time I was done with that, I knew it was too late to haul my tables out to the patio, spread out the layers, and start pinning.  So I did that on Monday instead.

Now I have it ready to start the quilting, but I'm not sure how soon that might happen.  Wednesday night is my monthly Thimbleberries gathering and I have a couple things to do between now and then, so I doubt I'll begin until after that time.  And I'm getting together with a couple of my stitchery friends on Friday night to work on Postcard Cuties, so I'll also need to do a little prep for that.  It's always something!  Maybe I can start quilting next weekend.

For our Thanksgiving this year, Hubby and I are going up to Humboldt to spend the holiday with the Wild Child.  Soccer Son, his Lovely Wife, and my sister-in-law will also be attending this year, so it will be a festive gathering.  We'll actually be celebrating on Saturday; Hubby and I have dinner reservations at my favorite local restaurant on Thanksgiving day itself--they have a special Thanksgiving menu I'm looking forward to trying.  And since we won't be hosting anyone for Thanksgiving, I've decided I want to try to get the Christmas decorations up a little early this year.  In fact, I was thinking it would be awfully nice to come home from Thanksgiving in Humboldt to a decorated house!  That might be wishful thinking, but I got a start on that idea today when I tossed out all the pumpkins and gathered up the fall quilts.  I think if I do a little bit at a time, we might be fairly well along on the process by the time the holiday season truly begins.

Oddly enough, I've talked to several friends who all have the same idea about decorating a little early this year--probably because Thanksgiving falls so close to the end of November.  How about you?  Will you wait until after Thanksgiving or do you plan to get started a little sooner this year?


Melissa said...

With Thanksgiving so late this year, I had the same thought. We had one day of beautiful weather over the weekend, so the kids and I hauled all the boxes out of the shed and into the garage, so I can start whenever I want. It still seems a tad early, so I think I'll wait another week or so, but yes, I think the decorations are going up early this year.

JudyBL said...

We are having Thanksgiving at my brother and SIL house so my husband and I are seriously thinking also of putting up the Christmas stuff early Thanksgiving week - such a short time between the two holidays this year!! Your Christmas quilt looks great!

Missie of Traditional Primitives (formerly Hallbrook Designs) said...

Love your quilt! So bright and cheery!

Carolyn Sullivan said...

DH almost has he kitchen decorations up, then he will move to the Living Room. After that I might get the rest of my elves up.

Anonymous said...

Your Comfort n Joy looks just terrific. Mine is ready for borders. Started some early decorating for Christmas today and need to do lots more.

Nancy H. said...

I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner so I am waiting until afterwards. Then I will put up everything but the tree. We always get a live tree so we wait until a week or two before Xmas to put that up so it doesn't get too dried out.
Hope you post pictures of your decorations once you get them up.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Nope, I'm a wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate girl. I want to enjoy each holiday regardless of the date

Miss Jean said...

Kim: When you applique, do you cut your background blocks a little larger to allow for the stitching to "draw" up the block or just cut it the right size? Inquiring minds want to know!