Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Little of This, a Little of That

After a half bottle of Nyquil (only a slight exaggeration), I slept pretty well but I was still feeling too sick this morning to go to work, so I stayed home.  I had a fleeting thought that I might spend a little time in the Sweat Shop catching up on a some sewing today, but before I could make it that far, I was back on my bed, taking a "little nap" that lasted all afternoon.  I guess it's the best thing when a person's not feeling well but it sure doesn't make for anything very interesting to talk about.

The Wild Child has come for a visit--she arrived around dinnertime, so she and Hubby and I were able to catch up a little.  She had a couple of summer classes that have now ended and the fall session doesn't start for a few weeks, so it's a good time to visit.  Hubby thought we might get Chinese takeout for dinner and I was REALLY looking forward to some soup from my favorite Chinese place, but then we found out it's closed on Tuesdays.  Darn!  Instead, I settled for making all of us wedge salads and turkey/cranberry sandwiches.

The Drooling Dog came along with the Wild Child, but he seems to be suffering from Ninja fleas that just won't die, so he's banished to the backyard, poor boy!  Before he and the Wild Child moved to Humboldt last year, the Drooling Dog was Hubby's daily companion, so Hubby's spent some time on the patio this evening, visiting with his canine buddy.

I'm pleased to report my workout on Monday night caused me no serious pain this time--probably because I took it a little easier in light of this respiratory thing I have going on.  By the way, I'm surprised--pleasantly so--to hear my pain has motivated some of you to get out there and suffer along with me--yay you!

I'm not sure if I explained my CrossFit group before, but I'm one of five women in our little class.  We all work together more or less--we're actually employed by two different companies that have a working relationship with one another.  Four of us are middle-aged, and up until now, none of us were all that active.  This is the third month for two of the women and they're pretty good at keeping up and working hard throughout the class--unlike me, but I hope to build up to it.  While we're there, we're working directly with the trainer and there aren't too many other people working out around us, so that's kind of nice--the intimidation/inferiority factor is low because we're not surrounded by highly fit 20-somethings!

The trainer told me yesterday that the first month is mostly changing the way we think about exercise and strengthening our bodies.  I'm not really looking for anything in particular; all I want is a way to become more fit and strong and burn off a few more calories, and I feel like we're doing that already.  I've read a little of the CrossFit material, and I understand CrossFit workouts change each day, and the workouts are designed to exercise all major muscle groups for overall strength and fitness.  The exercises can be scaled up or scaled down in intensity for anyone, including seniors.  In fact, my gym has a class they call CrossFit Lite, and I expect that's something like what he's having us do.

I hope to get a good night's sleep tonight, with the help of a little more Nyquil, because I really need to get back to work tomorrow--there's just too much to do for me to be off any longer, especially after being away on vacation for two weeks.  So I'm off to bed and I'll "see" you back here tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Try Frontline Plus or Advantage - get it from Costco for best price. Either should knock the fleas down. Try Frontline first, if it doesn't do the trick, switch to Advantage. Treat dog monthly until fleas are gone for several months. Need to get rid of fleas quickly or the Drooling Dog might get tapeworms from the fleas. Also, you don't want the nasty fleas on your darling kitties. Take care!

Carolyn Sullivan said...

I hate upper resp, infections. I ALWAYS get them and have to go on Prednisone, inhalers, and antibiotics. Nyquil doesn't do a thing, except make me sleep. Which is good for my spouse.
Due to the "UNIVERSE" messing w my life, I missed my pilates w/o on Wednesday. I went to a TRX class on Thursday. It was good to get it done, but even after several YRS of w/o w that trainer, I still GROAN and c/o as I do the exercises. She makes them harder and harder.... but My upper arms don't wave when I wave, and I can wear sleveless shirts w confidence.SO I guess it's worth it.
As for my sewing, NOT happening. I went to empty the trash cans for trash day, and it was STILL EMPTY for the past week! OH NO! I am however knitting while I sit in the Hospital w my BIL.