Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Your Turn, Again

I'd like to hear from any of you who have lived in and/or traveled around the northwestern part of Washington state and visited quilt shops.  I need to know what shop(s) I absolutely need to visit while I'm there.  Hubby and I will only have about two days in the area so I want to make my time count, because sadly, I doubt Hubby--as nice as he is--will want to spend the entire time in quilt shops.

I thought I'd download the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop brochure--surely that would be the place to find a few good shops, right?  Well, no doubt!  But the problem is that the shop hop brochure has 52 quilt shops!  Yikes!  Even if Hubby DID want to spend all our time in quilt shops, I don't think we could cover 52 of them in the time we have.

So if you have any knowledge of the area, I'm looking for shops that have a good selection of fabrics.  I love going to shops that carry a lot of wool and homespun fabrics and primitive patterns because we don't have much of that here.  Also, I'd like to find a couple shops that are open on Sundays, because we'll be in the area on a Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  For the most part, we'll be in the Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia area.  What do you suggest?


Sandy Rowe said...

I live in Eastern Washington and when I travel to visit my sister and son in Western Washington, I ALWAYS stop at "Keepsake Cottage" in Bothel/Mill Creek. It is fabulous and loaded with fabric. It sits in a "village" of shops and was featured in this years McCalls shop hop.

paulette said...

You would LOVE Carriage Quilts!! If you are near Portland then go to Pioneer Quilting!! A must see with very good prices (and no tax!)!
Have fun!

Jan said...

Cotton Pickins' in Stanwood is a great shop, but is not open on Sunday. The two shops listed above are also wonderful shops and closer to Seattle.

pcflamingo said...

Depends on your definition of "northwestern" Washington but Island Quilter on Vashon Island is The.Best.Quilt.Store.Ever. No lie. Especially for batiks and Kaffe Fassett and Phillip Jacobs and Amy Butler. Fabulous shop.

I go to a quilting retreat on Vashon 2-3 times a year and Anya and Paul will keep their shop open until midnight for us in case we have a Fabric Emergency. It's a ferry boat ride away from Seattle but absolutely positively worth it.

Sharon Hughson said...

If you are in Seattle, I know you are going to visit Pike's Market for the 'flying fish' show there by the big bronze pig. Inside that market is a quilt shop that has lots of local patterns (NW flavor/Alaska too) and fabrics that are crammed in every corner. I can't remember the name of it, but anyone there can direct you. It is through the ice cream shop on the street and out the back door you will see it directly across the stair case from there. HIH Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Seattle area and have been to most of the 52 shops on various hears' shop hops. All of them are great; are you sure you don't want to extend your visit an extra week? Carrage Country Quilts is the best and close to the airport. They are in a very cute yellow house and have lots of primitives and wools.... Second choice is Keepsake Cottage! Have fun!!! Karen

Mollylivebearer said...

I live in Pierce county, south of Seattle. My 3 favorite shops are The Wild Rose in Orting. They have lots of civil war repros and Moda. It is a little town about 45-60 min southeast of Seattle at the bade of Mt. rainier. In fact if the mountain blows you will be swept away! Lol Then 20 min from there in Puyallup is a great one The Quilt Barn. Heavier on batiks but a great selection of patterns and notions. And about 20 min from there in Parkland/ Tacoma is Parkland Parrish. It is in an old old church right by Pacific Lutheran University. I also reccomend Cartilage Country Quilts.....hit that one first. Then wild rose , quilt barn and parkland Parrish only if you ha e time. You could do this in an afternoon. I wish I could meet you!

Molly in Sumner, wa

Mollylivebearer said...

My typos.....ergh! *base* of Mt. Rainier.

And *Carriage* ....not cartilage. Lol