Thursday, October 25, 2012

What Happened to the Rain?

On Monday, we had a big storm with tornadoes and funnel clouds touching down in the somewhat rural areas surrounding Sacramento.  I didn't walk that morning.  More rain was expected Monday night although it would be dryer on Tuesday.  Again I didn't walk on Tuesday--I didn't even get up early, thinking it would still be rainy.  Nope, clear as a bell.  They also predicted Wednesday would be just as stormy as Monday, so again I didn't get up to walk.  And again, except for a few light sprinkles, we saw no substantial rain on Wednesday.

I mentioned yesterday that I thought I'd give my applique finger a rest and do something other than applique tonight.  It occurred to me that if it was going to be stormy, it might be a nice night to put on my warm jammies and go to bed early with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.  But as it turns out, no rain.  And at 8:30 p.m., it's still about 60 degrees out, which isn't exactly HOT, but I'm not sure it justifies flannel and hot chocolate either.  The mood just doesn't feel quite right.

So I wandered into the Sweat Shop, turned on the TV, and sat there for about ten minutes wondering what I wanted to do.  Nothing.  Blah!  If I was a kid, I'd have been whining to my mom about having nothing to do.  It felt exactly like that.

So I think I WILL go to bed early and read.  And maybe a chocolate chip cookie will feel more "right" than a cup of hot chocolate.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll go to sleep early enough to make getting up and walking in the morning an attractive idea.  I just checked the weather forecast and there's no rain expected--sunny and clear all day (well I should qualify the "sunny" part--it will be sunny after 7:25 a.m. when the sun rises).



Dorian said...

Your storm came up here Kim. We had the rain on Monday, clouds on Tues, then more rain all morning on Wed. I think today we get some sun :) And it has hot chocolate weather for sure up here! lol

dianne said...

your rain must have turned into snow when it reached the Rockies cuz there are a couple of inches of the white stuff outside ... i ate chocolate chip cookies last night, too, and they were GOOD!

you've convinced me to print the crow and trace it out - i couldn't think of anything to do with it till i saw your little hanging ... it won't be done for this year, but there is always NEXT halloween, right?!?

Anna said...

Around here we can never make plans based on the weather report. I nearly froze my tootsies off walking Enzo yesterday. This morning I go to swim excerise !

Anonymous said...

Loved the picture you included. That made my night, cause that was the way I was feeling. I wanted to sew, but nothing was cut, nothing was ironed and I didn't want to do that. Thanks for the laugh and for sharing.