Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And Another One . . .

I finished another little wallhanging tonight.  This is the OTHER little project I'd done that I offered as a possibility to my daughter, but she chose the pumpkin.  Of course, this one IS Halloween, so its shelf life is considerably shorter--in fact, I guess I'll only be able to enjoy it for about another week before it's packed away for a year.

I'm planning to put this one up at my desk at the office . . . for a few days, at least.  Up until now, I've had a summer-themed wallhanging on my wall, and I keep thinking it's just sooooooo wrong; now I'll be able to replace it.

Again, this was simple enough to finish; I even used the same border fabrics I used on the Wild Child's wallhanging.  It sure feels good to get these two little projects done, finally!

My applique finger has been sore the last couple of days, so I'm not sure what I'll work on next.  Maybe it will feel better tomorrow, or maybe I'll find a piecing project or a quilting project to work on.  Of course, I'll show you whatever I settle on.  "See" you then!

P.S.:  This is a free design from Bird Brain Designs.  You can find it HERE.


Judy in Michigan said...

Love it and your quilting is wonderful!! Are you doing another Schnibbles this year?

Anna said...

it so sweet? did you use a white color crayola before placing the other colors?