Tuesday, August 21, 2012

That Darn Martha!

You know it's probably a toss up whether I like Halloween better than Christmas or vice versa, right? I think, though, that I'm more of a sucker for Halloween paraphernalia, probably in part because there's just not as much of it in stores as there is Christmas stuff. So, anyway, during my lunch hour today I made a quick run over to JoAnn's for a few things. Halloween was probably the furthest thing from my mind: I mean it IS August, right? Halloween's more than two months away for goodness sake! Well, gosh darn it, but there it was: The Martha Stewart Halloween decorations. ARGH! I was sunk right then and there!

Martha, of course, designs some of the best Halloween stuff, year after year. I saw a few items today from years past, but there were a bunch of new things too. Want to see? Because, of course, I NEEDED to buy some. How about that heavy cardstock paper Halloween Ferris wheel with "seats" that hold candy? How cool will that look on the dining table or sideboard?

I've had fun with her rats silhouettes in years past; this year I decided to go with the black crows. And I always love bottles and jars filled with Halloween candy with funky labels, so I had to get that one too. THEN there was one thing I can't show you just now because they're for my stitchery friends at our October gathering--I'll show you then.

So, consider yourself warned: If you have low shopping self control when it comes to Halloween and/or Martha Stewart, stay away from JoAnn's for awhile. I'm sure you won't have to stay away too long; all the best things usually sell pretty quickly anyway. (But if you can't stay away? Not only is there a 40% off one item coupon in the current mailer, but there's also a $5 off coupon. Happy Halloween Shopping!)


Donna said...

My sister is coming for a visit and I asked her to get me a couple of half meters of Halloween fabric (it is very hard to get around here). She made the mistake of going to JoAnn's. She bought me 8 half yards of Halloween fabric. She told me there was too much to choose from! I am so glad in some ways that I don't live near one...I think my bank account appreciates that.

Brandie said...

Temptress! You should now by now I have no Halloween self control. I should just avoid your blog in the fall. Now I HAVE to go to Joann's!

Sinta Renee said...

I don't think I have been over here for a week... and I had a whole lot of catching up to do! You have been so busy and have such fun new projects going!!! Now on top of all of that... your little shopping spree has me with keys in hand ready to drive myself to JoAnn's! Of course they will wonder why lunch was taking me so long at work... but I need those crows and the spider web Ferris Wheel is so cute! Ok, maybe I can't run off today... but I can order that sweet Bunny Hill BOM that you are working on!

Anonymous said...

You can also shop ONLINE at JoAnn's and use all your coupons. If you don't have the mailer in your local paper then sign up for JoAnn's online newsletters.

Penny said...

You warned me Kim but I love Halloween, also! Martha offers such unique decorations even decals for pumpkins! Love that the pumpkin looks intricately carved but isn't sitting there getting all rotten & smelly! Didn't find the cute ferris wheel @ local store but will cont searching! Eager to see pic of your Sew Spooky quilt when you complete!