Monday, August 20, 2012

Another One Ready

I finished prepping another block on Sunday--this was one of the Autumn House blocks. I'd like to get maybe two more blocks ready before I leave for vacation, but I don't know if I'll have time.

I have mixed feelings about what I was able to get done on Sunday. I just about finished making the surprises for my friends who are going on vacation with me, but other than that and the one block I prepared, I didn't have time to do anything else I wanted to do--like a little more house cleaning and cooking dinner. Tomorrow night after work, maybe. But that's why I'm not sure how many more blocks I'll be able to prepare. Well, it's not the end of the world. Goodness knows I probably won't even have time to do all I WILL have ready!

I thought you might enjoy seeing our other cat, Spike. She's the one who's a little more reserved and doesn't like to be the center of attention the way Stitch does.

But then you can't see her anyway, right? Cats are funny when they think they're hiding.

A little bit later, she decided to come out of hiding and just lay on the paper. What is it about paper that cats love so much? Especially Spike.

Recently we've given her a new sheet of tissue paper about once a week, and it's the funniest thing. If we wad it up and toss it on the floor, when we come back into the room a little later, we'll find she's spread the paper out and usually we'll find her laying on it, like it's the most comfortable cushion in the world!

Another weekend's over, and it's time for bed. See you tomorrow!


Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Sweet! Spike is a hoot!

Fiesta said...

I am enjoying your pumpkin ills progress. I may just have to get that pattern. Fo you cook for the week? We cook a few meals on Sunday to get us over the first few workdays.

Annie said...

If that were my cat, Sparky, that paper would be shredded. She shredded cardboard boxes too! Spike looks so pretty and soft. I love this block you've prepared! I have missed your process on this. I scrolled through some other posts and what a fun quilt this is going to be!

syocom said...

I guess I had a boring cat cause she never did anything like that. The most interesting thing was she loved feet and would fall on your feet in hoping they would move to give her attention. We gave her attention all the time but it was something about the feet.
I love the squirrel pumpkin block. So fun and so cute. Is there a pattern floating out there some where for it?

Deb Silva said...

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The day I went by there (Monday) they were closed. Oh well, looks like I will have to check them out another time.

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