Thursday, July 5, 2012


Did you have a happy 4th of July? We did! In the morning we attended a parade and then we went out to lunch with Soccer Son and His Lovely Wife to be (in September). The afternoon brought naps followed by a relaxing evening playing in the Sweat Shop.

One of the things I played around with this evening was making pincushions from a couple of vintage Jello molds given to all of my stitchery group by our friend Sandy (along with the crushed walnuts shells and fabric needed to make the pincushions). The way I made mine was to cut circles from the muslin lining fabric Sandy gave us, and then to sew a basting stitch along the outside edge of the circles. I next gathered the circles closed once they were filled with the crushed walnuts. I used the same method for the outside layer of fabric. I decided to use some red fabric scraps from my stash to make mine look like cherries, and then I added felted wool "leaves" that I attached to wired floral stems.

Before I added the stems and leaves, though, I glued the "cherries" into the bases. I also poked holes through the fabric to glue the stems into the cherries. I'm pleased with the results and grateful to my friend Sandy for gifting me with the materials I needed to make these.

Now, I said I'd announce the winner of the Halloween scraps tonight, and that person is Homegirl Marlene who said: "I would love Halloween Scraps!!! I am in the US, too!!! What a great idea."

Marlene, please email me your mailing address and I'll get these into the mail in the next few days. Thanks to everyone who left comments--I wish everyone could win, but maybe you'll be the lucky one next time!


Fiesta said...

Cute pincushions Kim. You are always on a creative roll.

Homegirl Marlene said...

WOWOWOWOW!!!!!!! OMGoodness! Yeah! Thank you sooooooo much and I will do the scraps proud! Really, such a great giveaway and you have made my day! :))

Now, where's your email address...just in case: my email is

Josie McRazie said...

Funny story sbout going to buy walnut shell... Honeyman and I went to the local pet store and could not find it. We asked a young (ish) guy where it was. He showed us and asked if I was going to use it for pincushions! LOL is that knowing your product or what! I guess he didn't peg me as the reptile type! But now I have 10 lbs of it! :o)