Monday, May 7, 2012

Harrington and Hannah--April Showers

Over the weekend, I finished the Harrington and Hannah block for April.

Can you believe I forgot to give them eyes?! I soon remedied that little oversight (Ha!) but I didn't take another photo since I'd already uploaded this one to the computer. You'll have to imagine them with little black eyes.

Speaking of rabbits, when I was driving back through the countryside from spa day, I thought I spotted a few up ahead in the road. Nope, not rabbits!

Ducks! Or are they geese?! Whatever type of bird they are, it was a momma and her three babies out for a Saturday afternoon stroll. As soon as I got close, she led them off the road to safety.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

P.S.: Did you see the new Country Cottages block is posted over at Shabby Fabrics? Check it out HERE!


Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Key-ut. Looking forward to making April's block.
My H&H blocks look the same - no eyes - my thinking was to add beads for the eyes after the quilting was done. Now that I am a little further along I am leaning towards not doing that, hmm why? - can't get "little beadie eyes" out of my head (pun intended).

The Queen Bee said...

Very cute block. And, yes, they're Canadian Geese. We have them here all the time but I never see the babies.

Also, I'm giving Fort Worth Fabric Studios 2 thumbs up! I ordered fabric Saturday morning and it was in my mailbox this afternoon. (Monday!.... in New York!) That's fast. The Fat Quarter Shop better watch out!


Anonymous said...

Country Cottages, H&H, Merry, Merry Snowmen and Schnibbles! Your sewing room must be the most fun place to be! You must be so organized to keep them all straight. BTW, your Schnibbles looks great on Sinta's blog! Have a productive week! Florence

quiltmom anna said...

Love the rabbits- Kim.
The birds are Canada geese- I am surprised they have not flown back home for the summer.
They migrate every fall to you down south where it is warm and return in the spring.
They are a Canadian symbol..