Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spa Day

At my office, our managing partner is a woman, and she invited the staff up to her home for a spa day--and today was the day. Back about ten years ago, when she was a fairly new partner, she started spa day, and invited us up to her home two years in a row, but then she started on a long course of remodeling, so spa day went by the wayside. Now the remodeling is done--or nearly so. The last little bit that needs to be done is to add a railing on one section of deck--you can see the unfinished edge in this photo.

She lives in the foothills and the view is spectacular. On a clear day, you can see the downtown Sacramento skyline. I thought the view would be great today because it was fairly windy, but I think there was so much pollen and other "stuff" in the air, the city was barely visible.

We spent much of the time in this great room--with window walls on two sides and awesome views. Our hostess brought in a massage therapist and had also arranged for someone to do pedicures, but the pedicurist sprained her ankle a couple days before and wasn't able to make it. It didn't matter, really--we had a wonderful time anyway.

In the photo above, you can see the massage chair over in the upper corner, and the massage therapist is giving one of the ladies a foot massage while we all chatted . . .

. . . and drank and ate.

The hostess's significant other was kind enough to cook up some treats for us before he left for a bike ride.

Check out the media room. Someone suggested the next "spa day" be a chick flick/pajama party. Wouldn't that be fantastic?! There was cool original artwork in every room--see the ceramic horse? And the painting on the back wall? This room also looks out over that expansive view in the other photos.

Speaking of which, I'll leave you with one more outdoor view--of the pool and beyond. I know if I lived here, I'd have a hard time leaving home to go into the office!


Jen said...

That looks wonderful!

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

OMGosh! This beats my home "spa day" all to h...! What a treat of a day you had.

Carol said...

What an awesome house, love the media room I'll bet there's a really big flat screen TV. Sounds like a wonderful Spa day.