Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where I'm At . . .

When my friend Julie hosted our stitchery group a couple weeks ago, she served pulled pork sandwiches that were wonderful. They were so wonderful I kept thinking about that pulled pork for the next few days and I was kind of disappointed I HAD to make corned beef for St. Patrick's Day instead of pulled pork. Today I finally made the pork, and it was definitely just as good as I remembered. Simple too--all done in the crockpot, although Hubby did the pork pulling and he thought that part was a little time consuming. If you'd like to try a really good pulled pork recipe, Julie posted it to her blog HERE. One of the beauties about it is that it's cooked with only a bit of barbecue sauce so more can be added for sandwiches or the pork can be used in other dishes, like tacos, without tasting too barbecue-y. And for me, there's just the perfect balance of hot spicyness and sweetness. Yum!

Last week I showed you the four Thimbleberries blocks I'd made for the quarterly project before I remembered I'm not a sheep and didn't want to make the same quilt everyone else was making. On Wednesday I went to Thimbleberries Club and found the shop had a limited supply of the fabrics for making more blocks, so I ordered a bit more online and this is what I have so far--

Next I'll need to add some borders, so I dug through my Thimbleberries stash, looking for something suitable--I had purple and green in mind. Nothing. So I did a little web surfing last night and ended up ordering some of this Thimbleberries fabric--

From the photo, it doesn't look like it would be a very good match, but Thimbleberries fabrics usually do blend together and online photos are deceptive, so I'll reserve judgment until it arrives. In the meantime, I can trim the center and add a small border just like the sashing. If the border fabric doesn't seem right for the quilt, then I'll consider some other options. Maybe a pieced border or some simple applique. Or maybe I'll decide to use something other than purple and green. But you know I'll be sure to tell you what I end up deciding. I'm glad you could stop by for a visit.

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Lisa Lisa said...

I love the look of your blocks!