Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter's Coming . . .

Every year around this time, I think of the Easter carrots I've made, and I want to share them with you. The weekend is almost here and Easter will arrive in a couple weeks, so it's about time I share, once again, the "recipe" for these lovelies. The ingredients? Some muslin fabric, poly stuffing, and green and orange acrylic craft paints.

The first year I made them, the carrots were somewhat large and I painted them in a slightly more primitive tone of orange.

The next batch I made, a year or two later, were a bit smaller, and I used a brighter orange paint.

By the end of the weekend, your carrot patch will surely rival Mr. McGregor's!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Not sure I'll get around this year, but will save them for next year.

Mike Pearson said...

Now, those are some big carrots!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Cute carrots! They will make a fun Easter time decoration.