Thursday, February 9, 2012

Busy, Busy

When life's busy, no matter how fun it might be, don't you just hope for things to slow down a bit so you can spend a couple quiet evenings, just you and your sewing stuff? I do!

What have I been doing so far this week? Well, Tuesday I had to go to the dentist for some excavation and backfill work. Always a ton of fun, right? Then Tuesday night, three-quarters of our little Autumn House group met at Casa de Kim to parcel out the fabric we'll need for block 2. It was Gran's birthday recently, so we had a little celebration. And a little celebration deserves a great little cake, doesn't it? Strawberry white chocolate mousse cake. Yum!

I'm hostessing the larger stitchery group gathering on Saturday, so I jumped on a recent Groupon for housecleaning services, and that was scheduled by Hubby for today (Wednesday). One of the nice things about having Hubby home is that he's able to do things like schedule appointments and then BE HERE for them. So per Hubby, the housecleaners were supposed to arrive at 10 a.m. while I was at work and be done by noon. At 8 a.m., when Hubby was still in bed, sawing logs, there was a knock at the door. Guess who? Yep, the housecleaners! Seriously, folks, although I wouldn't tell HIM, it wouldn't surprise me if Hubby had scheduled them for 8 a.m. and then mis-remembered. He does that sometimes because he never writes anything down and thinks he can rely on his memory. Ha!

So, after the housecleaners went out to their van to get their supplies, I rolled Hubby out of bed and gave the housecleaners a tour. Then I got ready for work in whatever spaces they weren't cleaning at the time. Sheesh! Yes, they did offer to leave and reschedule, but hello! I have people coming over this weekend and if they didn't clean NOW, I would probably have to do it myself. No thanks!

Wednesday during my lunch hour, I ran the Autumn House block 2 "kit" over to the missing member's house--she has bronchitis. Wednesday after work was Thimbleberries Club. Then a little grocery shopping for the weekend. See what I mean about being busy?

Thursday was the only day I had absolutely no commitments, but my friendly dentist did something to one of my teeth that makes me think he's been seeing too many Twilight movies and he's into transforming his patients into Edward-wannabes because this one tooth is a little more sharp and pointy than it used to be. And he wasn't able to see me until Thursday. Sadly, Hubby broke my Dremel awhile back, so no [self-]help there.

So tomorrow I have to work and make time around the lunch hour to go to my dentist. And the way this week's been going, I suspect a few other things will be added to the day's schedule.

And do you know what all of this amounts to? Since I'm off work on Friday, it means there was not one single day this week when my friends and I could have our regular Chevy's-chips-and-salsa lunch. ARGH! Withdrawals are setting in and I'm ready to mainline Chevy's salsa!

Woe is me. But enough of that. Remember that last giveaway I posted about? Those Debbie Mumm parts? The giveaway winner this time is Donna, who said, "It looks so nice. I would give them a good home!" Donna's a regular reader and giveaway enterer (is that a word?) here but I don't remember her winning before. Donna, please email your mailing address to me and I'll get these parts out to you soon.

Now I need to say goodnight and get to bed--I'm sure tomorrow will be another busy day. By the way, it's now Soccer Son's birthday. Happy birthday Hon! [Okay, you're right. Maybe my life WAS a little busier on this date 31 years ago. More painful at any rate!]


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

PHEW! I'm tired just reading about your week!

Gwen said...

Your week sounds as busy as mine has been! (and that cake looks lucious! YUM!) Congrats to Donna!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Soccer Son!! Hope you have a nice weekend! :-)

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Yes, you are one busy woman!! Thanks for the cake - it tasted even better then it looked. Hugs

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Yep, you tired me out too! Hope the dentist can work a little magic on your tooth. And you can have a fun and relaxing weekend! Congrat's to Donna!

Kim said...

Yes, you did have a busy week! I don't like those weeks, I much prefer to hibernate at home. BUT going to the dentist tops the week off! I'm a big baby about going to the dentist.