Monday, November 7, 2011

Wrap Up

Did you remember to turn your clocks back? I was so tired Saturday night that I fell asleep before I changed the one next to my bed, but I wasn't fooled this morning. Hubby, however, changed the two kitchen clocks and somehow one ended up being an hour off and the other ended up being "a.m." when it should have been "p.m."--or vice versa. No matter, though, since we didn't need to be anywhere on time. There are still a couple clocks that need to be "fixed," but they're not in easy reach, so they'll need to wait.

I DO need to get up on time Monday morning, since it's my first day back to work post carpal tunnel release. I feel I've gotten myself as well organized here at home as I'm likely to be. There are still a couple things I'd have liked to have done while I was off, but I'll get to them eventually.

I spent a good part of my quilting day finishing up some little gifts for my stitchery friends. They're a surprise, though, so I can't show you now. We'll be getting together next Saturday, and I'm very happy to have everything ready so far ahead of time for once. At least I know if going back to work is harder than I anticipate, there's no pressure to come home and get things done this first week.

Stephani left a comment asking about the clamps I use to secure quilts to the tables for pinning. Hubby bought those for me at Home Depot. My tables are a little too thick for large binder clips, so I had to find an alternative, and these work pretty well, although I wish they were a little larger as they'd be a bit easier to squeeze open far enough.

I had an emailed question from someone about the measurements in my Eye of the Beast pattern, and I realized I'd made an error in the printed pattern. If you have one of the patterns, please note that the size for cutting the rectangles should be 2-1/2" x 4-1/2" rather than 2-1/2" x 5". The pieced blocks are trimmed down and the excess would be cut off at that point anyway, but it's frustrating when the pieces don't seem to fit together correctly, so please make a note on your pattern.

I also wanted to mention that I never heard from one of my winners of the Ghastlies blog hop, so I'm sending the prize--an Eye of the Beast pattern and two charm packs--to the person whose name was drawn and sent to Madame Samm. That person was Heather, who said:

"Love your ghastlie quilt and the spooky orbs ... chills!

"Hallowe'en fright story ... We had one tv channel where I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and every year at Hallowe'en the movie "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" would be on. My older brothers were allowed to stay up and watch it but I always had to go to bed. Bah Humbug. Finally the year came when I was permitted to watch it with everyone else. Eyes wide, curled up on the couch close to my Mom, I suddenly screamed and almost attached myself to the ceiling. My Dad had chosen the scariest moment to wing his cigarette package across the room at me! (yes, those were the days of smoking acceptance which are no longer) I'll never forget how terrified I was. I had bad dreams many times after that night.

"I guess that's why I was NEVER allowed to stay up and watch "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte" but I do remember classmates telling me about the head rolling down the stairs! Eeeeek!!!!"

Since Heather didn't win Madame Samm's drawing, I was happy to be able to pick her as the "runner up" for mine. Now I just have to make sure I correct her pattern before I send it off!

I hope you have a good Monday! Thanks for stopping in to visit.


Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Wishing you a great first day back in the office. It is my guess that they are looking forward to your return and have piles of things waiting for you to tackle - just kidding. I'll be thinking of you!

Judy in Michigan said...

Good luck at work today. I'm sure they are looking forward to your return - I'm sure the office just isn't the same when you're not there LOL!! Don't forget to tell us about your applique methods. Thanks Kim!!

Josie McRazie said...

I was crazy happy about three years ago we bought a clock that changes itself and if the power goes out it still keeps time! My Husband is a Firefighter and does often have to be up when time changes (or when we lose power) so it has been a dream and a real life saver!!