Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LePetite Wrap Up

Did you have a happy Halloween? I hope you had many more treats than you had tricks! (Unless you were hoping for tricks, of course.)

Last month, Sinta and Sherri asked us to post, on November 1st, photos of the LePetite projects we'd made during this past year. It was a lot of fun to go back and see what I've worked on. Shockingly, though, I've found out a couple things: (1) There were three months during which I didn't do the monthly project; (2) I made two of one month's project; and (3) There are several quilt tops in the following photos that still are not quilted! I'll need to remedy that before long.

First up is Paganini--I made two of them. I modified the pattern a bit in the second one so it looked like Christmas wreaths and added wool bows. This was a fun one to make--twice. The first one, though, is not yet quilted.

This and That--the name of the pattern. I quilted this one after this photo and gave it to a friend as a gift.

Prairie Point Christmas. I did get this one quilted.

Mon Ami. Waiting to be quilted.

Sweet Spot. Ditto.

Here's where I missed one--Endless Summer. I picked up with Brocante the following month. I don't think I've quilted this one either.

Candy Bar. I made this one a lot larger, added sashing between the blocks, and gave it to my boss as a wedding gift. It has since traveled with her to China!

I missed another month at this point. I think I was finishing up the quilting on the wedding quilt, so I let the month slip by. The next one I made was George. Nope, not yet quilted.

Again, I missed a month. But next came Lincoln. I used leftover scraps from the Halloween bed quilt to make this topper to match, more or less. Yes, I'm happy to say this one is most definitely quilted!

I was lucky enough to have my name drawn as a winner of a packet of goodies from Carrie Nelson that month. Here's what she sent to me:

I love her new fabric line, Nine Dots, and I'll always treasure the autographed copy of her newest Schnibbles book. Love her; love her designs.

We're starting a new club year in January and I believe Sinta and Sherri are planning to make it a Year of Schnibbles this time. If you're interested in getting in on the fun, now's the time to email Sherri or Sinta and ask if you can join.

As for me, of COURSE I'm going to do this another year--it's a blast! I'm just going to have to be a little better at getting the projects QUILTED.


Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

I love your talent! and that you share it! Thanks - Hugs

Suburban Stitcher said...

oh...that GORGEOUS Patisserie fabric she sent you!!!!! So lovely! :)

Carol said...

I always enjoy seeing your quilts Kim. I like how you modify them and make them different and sometimes bigger. I'm also looking forward to next year and happy to find out it will be Year of Schnibbles. I'm pretty addicted to the Schnibbles patterns.

Shannon said...

I missed a few months also. That is ok. I love your projects.

Jan said...

What fun to see all of these quilts!!

Dannelle said...

Talent abounds in your house! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Cardygirl said...

Great parade!

Kelli said...

You sure have accomplished alot!! Love all of the photos.. thanks for showing them to us. :o) Beautiful!

Quilt Hollow said...

Wow...all so pretty and fun accomplishments to have done!!!