Monday, October 31, 2011

The Pumpkin Carving Party

As promised, the festivities began with a lovely refreshment--Bloody Marys. Seriously, the Wild Child lived up to her name in the spiciness of her Bloody Marys. One sip left me gasping, but they kind of grew on me as the afternoon progressed. (Luckily I had come to the party equipped with a Starbucks iced latte chaser, and that helped!)

I used the excuse of having a Halloween cupcake display house as a reason to pick up some Halloween cupcakes. I wish I could say I made them myself, but at least I assembled the stand.

You gotta love a gal who carves a pumpkin using power tools, like this electric drill. I wonder how many Bloody Marys she had?

Here are some of the pumpkins, lined up and ready for a dip in the pool. My brother-in-law got a little crazy with the Disney designs--there are two Disney pumpkins here and I think he had another couple he was still working on when this photo was taken.

Now I know SHE had a Bloody Mary. In fact, I believe she had just returned home from another Halloween party the night before. Party on Ms. K! (By the way, her boyfriend "Marc-with-a-C" asked that he be credited here for his pumpkin mask design. Yep, he was partying all weekend too.)

Sadly, Brad and Angelina were unable to attend our gathering as they had other plans for the day.

I know you'll find it hard to believe, but I didn't actually carve a pumpkin today, so I can't show you mine. I just had fun drinking Bloody Marys, visiting with friends and family, and watching all the other creations in progress. Maybe I'll break out the chain saw pretty soon and get busy on mine. Or maybe I'll just wait a bit and do that on the front patio as a demonstration for all the trick or treaters tonight. Have a happy Halloween!


yorkie mom said...

Way too cute post! gotta love those Bloody Mary's!

Dannelle said...

Here's to the Bloody Mary! But no power tools if you had any! Happy Halloween!