Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunday's Stitchery Gathering

The other day, our little group of six stitchers gathered at Sandy's home for the day, and as always, we had a wonderful time! My friends are all so generous, kind, and fun, and they're all good cooks on top of it!

Each of us take turns hosting the gathering at our homes. The hostess usually prepares or provides something for a light breakfast (normally something like muffins) and a main dish for lunch. The rest of us bring a dish to contribute--salads, dessert, appetizers, etc. This month, Sandy chose to make a clam chowder that was as good as any I've had in a restaurant--yum! I'm going to make it for my family soon, and I'll share photos and the recipe when I do.

My contribution was the cupcakes I mentioned the other day. I ended up trying out Mean Chef's Vanilla Buttermilk Cupcakes this time, although I still want to make the Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Cupcakes--soon! I thought the cupcakes turned out like I hoped, but I need to find a different frosting recipe--my standard buttercream frosting is too sweet and heavy for these, I think. I guess I'll have to experiment--and don't you just HATE having to taste test stuff like cupcakes? Such a burden.

I can show you now what I've been working on for my friends--Halloween treat bags. I originally made similar bags last year and posted instructions--there's a link in my sidebar. This year I purchased another digital download and printed the graphics onto muslin as I did before.

The bags were filled with either a pumpkin or apple bread mix, a can of cinnamon pecans to mix into the bread, and Halloween candies.

There's never any pressure at our gatherings to exchange gifts, although most of the time we do. And none of us are in a position to spend a great deal of money, but the gifts are always thoughtful and valued by the recipients. I believe most of us enjoy thinking during the month about what our friends might enjoy and planning for our get togethers. I've already started on the little gifts I'm making for them next month--but, of course, it will be awhile until I can show you!

I don't know if you remember, but I mentioned our group was going to start working on the Garden Club applique quilt. With that in mind, Imelda gave us a lesson in her method of applique, which uses freezer paper, starch, and applique glue. She drew up a little design and put together kits for our lesson, and we each came home with a little pumpkin applique.

I want to make my little pumpkin applique into something, but I'm not sure what yet. Maybe I'll just add some embroidered words and put it into a frame. I'll have to give it a little thought.

When I mentioned in my blog that we were going to work on the Garden Club quilt, a couple of you said you were working on it or planned to make it soon. How is your project coming along? I've made a start on it, and I'll show you in the next day or too what I've done so far.

I'm glad you could stop by for a visit!


Julie said...

the cupcake recipe is a good one!!!

Anonymous said...

Those bags are the cutest - I'm going to need you to send me one!!!


quiltmom said...

It's always fun to see what you have created so lovingly for your friends. I think you and your friends are lucky ladies- you can feel the warmth and caring that exists between you. Those are friends to be treasured.
Thanks for sharing your gatherings.