Monday, October 17, 2011

Rocky Got Lucky

Remember my recent Doggie Viagra post? I had a comment on that post from "Aunt Jacques" suggesting maybe things didn't work out because the female, Sophie, wasn't ready yet. Well, guess what? She was right!

Rocky, aka the Drooling Dog, moped around the house all week, missing his girlfriend Sophie. In the meantime, Sophie's humans realized she was "still" in season when their male dog was rather interested in her.

Early on Saturday morning, Sophie's humans called the Wild Child to arrange a conjugal visit--and things progressed in the manner they hoped.

What a relief! We thought Rocky was just not a very aggressive male--which, in many, many ways, is something we really enjoy about him! Now we know that's not the case--he's just smart enough to be a gentleman when any other behavior would be fruitless.

Rocky and Sophie had another successful "date" on Sunday, and will probably get together on Monday too, just for good measure. After that, we'll just have to wait and see if it "takes."

Yay Rocky! Good boy!


Donna said...

Way to go, Rocky!

Brandie said...

I'll bet he's sleeping better now!

Aunt Jacques said...

Good going!don't wear him out.LOL.