Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time Off

Thank you all for your input on sewing the letters on the pennant. The kind of funny thing is that Soccer Son called me tonight to see if I'd started yet. Well, no, I hadn't, but why did he want to know? Turns out he's decided to look into having someone make a duplicate using better quality materials. Something tells me he's pretty proud of "his boys," don't you agree?! He didn't ask me whether I could make it, but I'll probably talk to him later and find out what he has in mind and the cost involved. I think it just hasn't occurred to him yet that it's something I could probably do, or maybe he just has a good source he's worked with before.

I took the day off work today to play in the Sweat Shop, and I don't have much to write about what I worked played on or show you just yet, but I hope I will in the next day or two. Thanks for stopping by to visit!

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PunkiePie said...

congratulations to your Son and his team! I hope to take some time off next week and just sew the day away. My calendar is marked so hopefully work won't be too hectic and I'll be able to play all day with my rotary cutter and sewing machine.