Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Ties that Bind and the Binds that Wind

It bugs me that "wind" (the stuff that blows air around) and "wind" (what you do with thread and a bobbin) are spelled the same way, because most people, when they read "wind" think the air kind. Did you? That's not what I'm talking about--I'm talking about the other definition. Winding stuff up.

And speaking of being bugged, I still am. Things have not improved, but I'm getting tired of talking about them. For now. No promises for tomorrow. Tomorrow I might have my whine back on.

But tonight I'm thinking about all my quilting friends--those who reside here in Sacramento and those who reside in Blogland. Quilting has bound us together and I feel very lucky for that. Today was tea with Gran at Bearpaws and Hollyhocks, and despite needing a nap rather badly (another night of not a lot of sleep), I knew I needed the companionship of my friends more, so off I went to the quilt shop to chat and stitch and eat and drink tea. Very, very fun. The kind of afternoon that feeds the soul and spirit as well as the body and mind.

You all know by now that Gran and Lindy went off to Quilt Market and left me crying at home, right? Knowing this was going to happen for the last couple months, I've been chanting "Holiday Happy" to Gran over and over again in the hopes that she'd bring some back for me. (Holiday Happy is the new Christmas line Monica Solorio-Snow aka Happy Zombie designed for Lecien.) Guess what Gran handed over to me today? Yep, you guessed it! Wheeeeee!

Seriously, my photo doesn't do the line justice since it was taken at night and one can only do so much with Photoshop, but you can click HERE to get to Monica's blog and then click into her sidebar--she has photos in both her blog and her sidebar. This line will be in shops in the next couple of months--I think it's estimated for around June/July.

Having Holiday Happy fabric to fondle helped improve my mood tremendously. Spending an afternoon with friends helped even more. Confirming with Gran that should the need arise, she'd be right there for me, helping me dig a six-foot deep hole in the backyard--priceless! She's THAT GOOD a friend, and everyone should have at least one (although a couple more would make the digging go faster)!

Here's what I was working on today--sewing down binding.

Doesn't this little quilt look cute with the dishes and things I found at Home Goods a couple weeks ago? If only I could finish REALLY CLEANING the house, I'd be able to get these things into the kitchen instead of sitting on the desk in the Wild Child's former bedroom!

Yet another mood elevator today? A fabric infusion from Hancock's of Paducah was waiting for me when I got home from tea. I love this time of the year when the Halloween and Christmas fabrics are starting to arrive, even if my bank balance doesn't. If you haven't already seen it, check out the border print of the Alexander Henry line, The Ghastlies:

Fun, eh?!

A week or two ago, I commenced a bit of cleaning in the Sweat Shop, and part of that involved sorting through my two big scrap bins. I've always saved my leftover bindings but since I like my bindings cut on the bias, I've never really figured out what to do with the leftovers. Lately I've seen quilts that have used mixed bindings, and so I finally sorted out and wound up my binding bits and pieces. Some rolls have more than one fabric, and all are secured with a quilting pin to keep them from unrolling. (Sorry the photo's a little blurry, but you get the idea.)

I don't know if you noticed, but I used a few different leftover pieces of binding on the little quilt I just finished. I think it's a really fun look for a playful, informal quilt and I'm sure I'll be doing this again. Do you save your leftover binding pieces? Have you found any other uses for them? Inquiring minds are curious and would like you to share if you have any ideas.

Thanks for stopping by to visit!


Shelley said...

I use "blended" bindings alot too! If I lived closer, I would help you with the digging!LOL AND the cleaning....I'm really cheap..I'll clean for fabric you don't need anymore LOL!

Anonymous said...

I do the same as you show in your photo. I join left over binding pieces together. I love having all my bindings ready to go, sometimes I get my binding ready before I even start piecing the quilt. I guess it is my incentive to get things moving along.
As far as cleanig're on your own, I'd help in your sewing room, but bathroom, no thanks...
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
Bemidji, MN

Carol said...

I save all my leftover bindings as well in a bin. I love scrappy bindings for a scrappy quilt, plus my guild asks for scrappy bindings for donation quilts. Easy to piece together with them already made.

Denise in PA said...

Oh that Santa fabric is just the cutest! I just got a whole bunch of the new Hip Holidays fabric that just came out - figuring that was my "Christmas fabric purchase for the year", but I may just need some of this o:) I cut my bindings (I generally don't use bias) at 2-1/4", and cut my leftovers down to 2" strips and put them in my 2" strip stash. Hope you're feeling better!!

paulette said...

I'm the hole we are digging for you or hubby...? Just wondering what I'm getting myself into..;o)
Love the little table topper and all your fun polka dot stuff is going to look sweet...
Take care and so happy you are sounding better...

dianne said...

have shovel ... will travel

i'd put those binding buns in a baking pan - sinless rolls ... i roll my binding like a teletype tape (yes - i AM that old) so it comes out from the center and doesn't twist or stretch (but they aren't pretty,either)

thank you for the full view of the Ghastlies - the change jar still isn't full enough

Cara said...

I do occassionally do scrap bindings, but I also use it as ribbon when giving one away, and Little Bit uses it as hair ribbons sometimes, normally when I'm not looking.
Depending on how much I have left I use it as trim too, with it folded up just sew it into seams.

Janet said...

I use them in string quilts. The more variety in a string quilt the better(to me).

Love that quilt with those dishes, very cute.

Take care

Micki said...

You have been making some wonderful quilts!

quiltmom said...

Hi Kim,
I haven't been by for a few days to visit. Life is getting busy with the year end things at school. So sorry to hear about your husband's leg- it sounds painful- Hope that they can find a reasonable solution to reduce his pain and aid his comfort, for both your sakes.
I admire how you find the funny side,even when life seems to give you more than your share of challenges..
Your new fabrics are terrific ( Way to go Gran)- I am sure that you will create something fantastic with them. I ordered some fabrics from Hancocks of Paducah earlier in the spring when they had free shipping . They were gorgeous - unfortunately some of them didn't come because of being out of stock but I did get I was very happy with.
I love bindings made from mixed fabrics and often use them on my quilts. I do save my bindings for that purpose.I wonder if you could use bindings like selvage quilt patterns do, to make strip patterns. Just a thought that crossed my mind LOL
Glad that Gran got you out and you and the girls had fun together. We all need friends to help us dig the holes so we don't get buried in life's problems.
Hope the weekend is warm and filled with some fun times.
Take care of yourself,

Miss Jean said...

I haven't been saving my extra pieces of binding, but after seeing your little quilt, I will certainly start. I like the extra little punch it gives it.

Tea with Gran sounds like so much fun. My friend and I were in the store the other day and had such a nice time meeting her and visiting with Lindy. My only complaint is that it is an hour or so from where we live.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

I save my binding pieces in a small bin. I use them for scrappy bindings or on small projects like potholders or place mats.

Love the new Christmas fabrics! I love the colors of Christmas.