Thursday, November 26, 2009

We Just Can't Put it Off Any Longer . . .

Thanksgiving's here--almost. As I write, the kitchen's organized chaos. It's a little bit before 8 p.m., and I've made clam dip, spinach dip, and turkey stuffing. I've hard boiled eggs for deviled eggs and I'm soft setting lime jello for a salad (I don't know what's come over me--I've NEVER had any desire to make a jello salad--which seems like a serious contradiction in terms to me anyway--but for some reason, lime and pineapple jello salad made its way onto my menu this year). The cream cheese/pesto/sundried tomato spread is in the refrigerator. As is the premade, store-bought chocolate cream pie.

Hubby's sick and it's probably all my fault. Sometime last week, he stepped on a pin and shoved it pretty well into his big toe. A couple days later, signs of infection were apparent, and on Saturday morning when I got up, he was gone, visiting the urgent care clinic. They gave him antibiotics and Vicodin, and his toe's been improving. BUT--and here's the complication: Yesterday he came down with a cold or the flu, most likely something he picked up at the clinic. And on top of that? He's having a Meniere's attack right now. He's taken something for it and is sound asleep on the recliner, head back, mouth open, with a cat in his lap.

Do you know about the Breatharians? A bunch of nut cases as near as I can figure, but right about now, I'm thinking about running away and joining them. You see, Breatharians don't eat food, which means never having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking. Not at Thanksgiving, not at Christmas, not ever! If you read the Wikipedia article I linked to, you'll see that every now and then, they might run into 7-Eleven or a fast food place to get some junk food, and I think I could handle that! Maybe when Hubby wakes up from his nap, he'll find a note pinned to his shirt, telling him I've run off to join the Breatharians, and could he please clean up the kitchen because I'm never going to need it again?

Soccer Son, the Wild Child, and their significant others are coming for dinner on Thanksgiving. Would they be disappointed if I wasn't here? More importantly, perhaps, Collins mix is chilling in the refrigerator, to be mixed with red Christmas glogg and "tested." All that hard work and aging for weeks for nothing? Well, maybe I WILL head back into the kitchen for a bit, but I'll keep my bags packed, just in case I change my mind. I reserve the right to do that--it's tattoo'd onto my forehead.

I think I'm about half way there as far as cooking goes. I still have to cut up the French bread for the spinach dip, mash up egg yolks for the deviled eggs, make a pumpkin pie, put together the jello salad, and if I have any energy left, make a batch of Amanda's pumpkin gob cookies.

You know what? I just realized that once I'm done cooking, I won't have to cook again for about a week. That's kind of like the Breatharians but different, 'cause I'll have good stuff to eat! There, I feel MUCH better now! Thanks for listening to me!

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about hubby. I got most of my dinner made today and in the fridge, just needing to be placed in the oven. I am tired, but I will be very grateful tomorrow, when I can watch the Cowboys and Raiders play and I won't have to be running back and forth into the kitchen. Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Gran said...

I sure hope that your DH can sit up and take a little nourishment tomorrow, well, today....
Sounds like you are ready to go - and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear your dh is ailing. You dinner sounds great. Ours will be fine; all items are prepped and ready, but we have a massive hole in our ceiling (hall, not dining room) from a leak on Tuesday and dh discovered another late last night in the basement. I think that's the way with old plumbing; you fix one pipe and the weak spot in another gives up the ghost. No matter, we too will eat well for a week and wish you and your a wonderful day together.

luv2quilt2 said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your husband is ill on such a wonderful day. Hopefully he'll be well enough to enjoy the results of your hard work in the kitchen. By the way, I always make a jello salad. Happy Thanksgiving!

Darlene said...

Get wishes to your hubby!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Kim.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!! claudine

P.S. Hope your hubby feels better.

Chocolate Cat said...

Hope your hubby is feeling better. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy all the wonderful food you have prepared and spending time with your family.

Rhonda said...

Kim, you are so funny but I hear you on this cooking thing....I cooked for 3 days. The family always love and devours what I fix but it's hard and tiresome work. At this point, the eating is over, the kitchen is all cleaned up (by me), the lights are out, the doors are locked and my phone is off the hook. I'm not coming out until late next week.....take care.

quiltmom said...

Hope that you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your menu sounds delicious- I have never had Clam dip but have often made spinach dip.
Hope your husband is feeling better and can enjoy some of the wonderful things that you have cooked.
With best wishes,
Warmest regards,

Busy Little Quilter said...

Let me know how you enjoyed the cookies! I made some, too! My friend, Terry, always invited us to her family get together because I have no family here. I made pumpkin gobs, chocolate chip cookies, and corn pudding. They loved everything.

And now I can officially say that I have family here. My dad and his girlfriend flew up here yesterday to visit us this weekend. He's never been here before, so we're having fun showing him around.

I hope you and hubby start feeling better!