Friday, November 27, 2009

And In With the New . . .

Thanksgiving's winding down to a close. It's 8:30 p.m. and it feels like Thanksgiving has lasted at least two days. I was up at 6 a.m., getting the turkey into the oven. I spent the day as many of you did--cooking, cleaning up, cooking more, cleaning up more. Eating here and there. Testing and sampling throughout the day. Our dinner was at 1 p.m., and dinner that early always throws off my internal clock. We had coffee and dessert at 6 p.m. Now I'm having a half a turkey sandwich and thinking about the day. It feels good to sit down--my feet and legs are ready for a rest.

It was a good day, spent with Soccer Son, the Wild Child, and their significant others. I like my kids and I like the people they've chosen to spend time with--I'm lucky in that. When they were growing up, there were times I was unsure. Later in the afternoon, Soccer Son and his Lovely Wife to Be Someday went on to her mom's house for their third Thanksgiving dinner (the first was at her dad's house last night). The Wild Child and her boyfriend took the Drooling Dog for a walk. The momentary peace and quiet was a welcome break.

Hubby is still sick; his Thanksgiving dinner was eaten in his recliner, where he spent much of the day, wrapped in a quilt, watching football. This evening, though, he seems a little better. I'm hopeful tomorrow will be a better day for him still.

As for me, after a long two days of preparation and celebration, I'm ready for bed--jammies, a cup of hot chocolate, and a book to read sound perfect. And tomorrow? Will I be up in the middle of the night, camping out in front of WalMart or other Black Friday merchants? No. Not me!

Tomorrow I will sleep until I wake up. No alarm will wake me. (Although I can't count out a small, furry, black and white creature who wants to play when HE wants to play, regardless of the sleeping habits of his people!)

Tomorrow I will take down the fall decorations. Hubby--if he's well enough to lift a knife and a scooping spoon--will spend a little quality time with the various resident pumpkins that have reached the end of their lives--I want to keep some seeds to plant next year, and I want to roast some pumpkin seeds as well.

Tomorrow I will not cook. At most, I will microwave turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy or slap together a sandwich.

Tomorrow the Christmas season begins. Tomorrow chaos reigns in this house as some things are packed away and other things are taken out of boxes. Tomorrow the real work begins. Tomorrow the magic happens. And tomorrow night? I bet I'll be more tired than I am tonight. Thanksgiving and Christmas. Isn't this just the BEST time of the year?


Tudy said...

This is my favorite time of year. I think present wrapping is on my plans for today.

luv2quilt2 said...

Your plans for Friday sound like mine. Fall put away, Christmas put out. No cooking but still a lot of eating. Hope your husband's feeling better and that you don't catch it from him. Have a good day getting ready for the next big day.