Saturday, July 11, 2009

Girl Friends Are the Best!

There's nothing like the company and support of other women to help get a person out of a funk! First there were your supportive comments to help cheer me up. Judy H. in particular made me laugh with her "favorite PMS joke"--

"Why do they call it PMS?
Because Mad Cow Disease was taken!"

And today was Girl Boss II's birthday, so there was some fun to be had there. She's CRAZY about cookies, so I brought her a dozen homemade chocolate chips--

(I baked some cookies for myself too--eating a couple made me happy!)

And, because I think it's important to get toys on your birthday, no matter how old you are, I also gave her a dart gun--she was the envy of several of the other attorneys.

And, of course, a stop at a favorite quilt shop after work on a Friday night can't hurt, right? I found Lindy had gotten the Frightfully Crazy Buggy Barn books in for my class and had already sold all of them but one! (And I was just THERE on Tuesday!) I snagged the last book, because I think it's reasonable for students to expect a teacher to be familiar with the pattern(s) she's teaching. I understand Lindy will be getting more in soon. She's also kitting up fat quarters for the If The Hat Fits pattern from the book. (And yes, I thought a teacher really SHOULD support the shop and buy the little fat quarter bundle, so I have that too!) I wish I'd taken a photo of Lindy's If the Hat Fits quilt top, but I didn't think of it at the time--extremely cute! I'll try to get a photo soon. THEN Gran and Lindy megged me into buying a couple little stitchery patterns. AND Lindy tried to meg me further by telling me about the wonders of the "soot" color of Gentle Arts embroidery floss, but I put my fingers in my ears and hummed loudly to myself until she went away. Not that I've forgotten though about the miraculous "soot" floss, and I suspect I'll be sucked right back to the floss display next time I go in the shop. Sheesh!

And speaking of humming and such, while at the shop, Lindy, Darlene (another quilt friend), and I sang the Oscar Mayer song to Gran while the ladies from the Department of Justice were meeting in the classroom--I wonder what they thought of us singing about wieners? No matter, I suppose--they've probably heard worse!

Oh, and by the way--I was extraordinarily heartened to learn I have 11 students signed up for the August 15th class with a maximum of 12--that's not bad considering the class is a late summer addition without a shop sample or any mention in the shop newsletter! Woo-hoo! I was so worried I'd have a class and no one would come!

We were having such a marvelous time together at the shop that Gran, Darlene, and I decided to continue the fun at dinner at the Green Jade Restaurant (Lindy had other plans for a Friday night date with her husband). Here's a photo of the guy who was running the place and waited on us--I don't know his name, but he was quite a comedian!

The restaurant closes at 9 p.m., but we three were there until 9:30--needless to say, we were the only customers left, but it was hard to leave when we were having so much fun!

Yes, I'm much happier tonight than I was last night thanks to all my gal pals! I heart you all!


Heckety said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Your friends comments made me laugh too last night. Your evening out sounds fun, a gift of a time to remember. We all need those too.

Eileen said...

Nice way to start the weekend. Enjoy. Hope it continues.

Gran said...

Just got up and having a cup of tea and checking in. Good evening spent with good friends ended a very busy day. I hope you have a great weekend!

Happy Embroidering - said with a wink!

Greenmare said...

and we heart you right back!
still lovely weather here in Wisconsin.............

debijeanm said...

Glad you were cheered. Wish I had girlfriends who shared my interests around me.

Soot is a must have color so go for it. It's a "gentle" black and so versatile.

quiltmom said...

Kim ,
I can hear you all singing the Oscar Mayer weiner song- too fun. It looks like a good time was had by all of you.
Girlfriends are the greatest -
I posted a link to your blog in today's post- I wrote about some wonderful quilt blogs that I enjoy -and certainly yours is one of them.
You can find it here:

If you have not seen the pickledishstore cartoon Mrs. Bobbins- if you haven't then check out this link

I love the closet fabric stash..
I think that they might make you laugh...
Happy Quilting,

Judy H. said...

Glad to help! And I'm so happy to hear you're back from your funk. I've told a few men that joke too, and every time I can see the wheels turning as they try to figure out who they can tell it to without getting smacked! LOL!