Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Giddy Day!

Thank you for leaving comments on yesterday's post--many of them made me laugh! If you haven't already done so, it's worth going back and reading some of the comments. Amanda over at Busy Little Quilter commented with a funny story too--you'll love it! AND her second comment about the word "idea" reminded me--my dad used to say "idear." Where it came from, we didn't really know since he was born and raised in California and we--us Californians--don't pronounce it that way. My dad was Italian though, and my mom thought that sometimes he sounded like a member of an east coast Italian mob--kind of New Yorkish. Maybe it was genetic?!

I have some exciting stuff to tell about--exciting to me, anyway, although I don't know how excited YOU'LL be! Still, I'm sure you can join in and understand my general state of giddiness when I tell you that I've made relatively firm arrangements to go away to one of Lindy's Bearpaws & Hollyhocks Lake Tahoe quilt camps! Woo-hoo, ladies, I'm going on a quilting retreat in September! Camp starts the afternoon of Labor Day and goes through late morning/noon that Friday.

I can't tell you how relaxing and peaceful it is to spend the better part of a week on the shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe, with almost no responsibilities and all meals prepared for you. The views are wonderful, the company of other quilters is inspiring, and, well, you know--the whole experience is priceless! It's been five years since I last attended quilt camp, so I decided it was PAST time to go again. And maybe one of the best things of all? My camp fees will be paid with earnings from teaching quilt classes, so there's no drain on the family budget and it ALMOST feels like it's free!

Oh, and some more news that's loosely related, with a kind of funny story attached. Remember I mentioned stopping at the quilt shop last Saturday? While I was there, I asked Lindy if she was going to get more of the Buggy Barn's Frightfully Crazy books in--I've really had fun with the Buggy Barn/Pieces From My Heart stack and slice quilt method, and I'd like to make a Halloween quilt. Lindy said something like, "Sure! Do you want to teach the class?!" Well, I seriously had no thought about teaching another class--I had already thought about two classes I'd like to teach on the fall schedule and I figured that was enough. But the idea percolated in my brain for a couple days and I decided I'd do it! But I told Lindy I wasn't going to ask her about getting books in anymore; I'd just buy off the internet where it's "safe"! (Of course, she CLAIMS she wasn't trying to push me into teaching another class, and I wouldn't want anyone to think she tied me to a chair and administered torture or anything until I agreed, BUT I think she just knows how to push all the right buttons!)

So, anyway, I'll be teaching another class--this one will be on August 15th, and for those of you who are in the area and may be interested, I've put some information in my sidebar. You can email me for more information or call the shop to sign up. (If you click on the picture of the Frightfully Crazy book in the sidebar, it will take you to the Bearpaws & Hollyhocks website with contact info; if you click HERE, it will take you to the Buggy Barn site where you can see some of the patterns in the book.)

I'll leave you with another sort of funny story and probably a somewhat disturbing mental image--click away from here now if you're bothered by disturbing mental images.

As I was sitting here, writing this post to you, I felt something fall down the back of the neck of the somewhat loose T-shirt I'm wearing. I reached back and pulled the fabric away from my skin, and I felt something fall further, down under the waistband of my pants. As may be expected of any normal person like me, I jumped up and yanked all my clothes off, searching for what I imagined was probably a HUGE spider. Nothing. Then sanity returned, and I thought maybe it was one of the pins falling out of my hair, so I checked--nope, all there! Then I thought I felt something in my slippers (the only thing I was still wearing), so I took them off and shook them out. Nothing. I still feel all creeped out though. I hope my neighbors didn't pass by their window and see me hopping around naked--THAT sight could scar a person for life! And thank goodness Hubby was in the shower and has no idea. Shhhh! Don't TELL him! He'd tease me for YEARS!

Awhile back, I mentioned that if you did a Google search for "Kim quilts nude," you'd get my blog. Now you know Kim blogs nude too. And you know what? Now I'm thinking I'm probably not the only one of us all creeped out.

Now I gotta go take a bath and perform a cavity search. Thanks for stopping by to visit!


Gran said...

Well, after reading yesterdays post and putting my two cents worth in, and reading this post I don't think I can go to sleep for at least another hour. Too much oxygen from lol. Sorry not laughing at you but with you. :0)

Horray you are going to do a class in August and go to quilt camp in September.


Orcsmom said...

I am with Gran! What a sight that must have been! I can't wait until August 15th. I am so-o-o jealous about Quilt Camp! Naw, I am so happy you get to go. I normally go to both May and Sept., but with the way things are with my job, I thought I might have a chance for some car sales that week due to Labor Day, but I wil be there in spirit with ya, plus Darlene will be there in Sept., so you can hang with her! It is perfect weather in Sept up at the Lake! Thanks again for teaching August 15th! See ya!


Bonnie said...

LOL -- I would feel much better if you HAD found something! Please let us know if you do! Did you look at the bottom of your slippers? Perhaps in dancing around, tearing off the clothes you killed the hairy little beastie. Bonnie ...

Winona said...

Kim, LOL you just kill me. I can always count on a good laugh when I visit your blog. So if I'm down, I just visit you. Perks me right up. LOL Have a great day! Winona

MichelleB said...

My mind is racing - I think I will be in your neck of the woods on August 15! Hmmmmm. The Tahoe retreat sounds really tempting. I can't make it this year, but now it's on my radar! Any excuse to get to Tahoe!

dianne said...

i know i won't be going to a quilt retreat anytime soon (like within the next five or ten years) and i won't be at your class because it is even farther away - BUT i have been wanting to make "if the hat fits" and August 15th sounds like a good day to work on it! maybe you could set up a webcam!

what is it with creepy, crawly, flying things that makes us want to rip off our clothes and do a stompy dance?!?

Anonymous said...

Wish I lived up your way, I'd love to take one of your classes! Your retreat sounds wonderful, Tahoe is beautiful for sure.

Kim said...

If only I could make that retreat.. OH WOW.. you have me rolling... I so enjoy your blog.

LOL Kim in Havasu

Amanda said...

I'm afraid of creepy crawly things, too, and I know for a fact that if that had happened to me, I would have taken my clothes off while screaming really loud.

Your quilt camp sounds like fun.
I go to one in September, too. It's at a retreat center in a convent. It's beautiful and peaceful there, too, but it's probably nothing like Lake Tahoe!