Saturday, March 14, 2009


The weekend is here--finally! It's seemed like another busy, crazy week at my day job AND my pattern "job," and the advent of daylight savings time didn't help much at all. All week long, I found myself awake much later than I should have been, and now that it's Friday night--well, here I am at 2 a.m., still awake and chatting with you.

Today was pretty nice, though. It was a relief to get the new pattern and kits into the Etsy shop, for one thing--not to mention the excitement and feeling of accomplishment! And I got to go out to lunch--yes, OUT TO LUNCH--with my friend Teri and her mom, Sandy. I get kind of excited about going out to lunch because I so rarely do! Usually I don't have time or I have something else to do during my lunch hour, so today was a nice treat. AND Teri's mom is a frequent reader of this blog, so it was almost like going to lunch with an old friend. Nice. I only wish I could have tagged along with them to visit some quilt shops after lunch, but unfortunately I'm waaaay too busy at work to be able to take an afternoon off without some pre-planning.

I stopped at the post office after work and mailed off today's pattern and kit orders and came home to find Hubby (aka Chef Hubby) making French toast (from homemade bread he baked yesterday) and bacon for dinner--there's something comforting about breakfast food for dinner, don't you think? Then tonight I spent the evening (and a wee hour or two of the morning) putting together a few more Bette Bunny kits.

Anna asked in a comment to yesterday's post whether I'd gotten the Sweat Shop cleaned up yet. Nope! Tonight I had kit "stuff" spread all over the place! Hopefully I'll be a little better at cleaning up my messes tomorrow.

Hubby's been busy the last couple of days taking apart a platform bed frame in our son's former room, and moving all my craft-filled boxes and things that were stored under it, so not only is the Sweat Shop a disaster area, but there are other piles of now-homeless craft supplies littered throughout the house. ARGH! All the mess drives me crazy, so I'm sure I'll need to do something about it tomorrow. But in the meantime, I'm just going to revel in the fact that I can sleep in tomorrow!

I hope you've made a good start on your weekend, whatever you have planned! Thanks for coming by and visiting with me!


Vicky said...

This was a particularly long, hard work week for me - so this weekend will be spend resting up. I think the time change made everyone grumpy! LOL. I just wish I had an tenth of your energy, girl!

Judy said...

Well I don't work so I can't say I really long for the weekends but I sorta do because I get some time with hubby...who like you is gone all week! Have a great weekend!

Amanda said...

You have been busy!

I don't do well with the time change either. I took a 1 hour nap the other day, and I never do that! I guess I was catching up on my hour that I lost.

I, too, have been doing some clearing out. It's amazing how you can clean one room and several other rooms get messy.

I slept in late today, but I don't have any big plans. I am gathering fabrics for my "Spring" quilt. As of right now my tulips are going to be pink and yellow, the stems green, and the lettering is purple. I have scraps everywhere!

Have a great weekend!

MichelleB said...

Always a pleasure to visit with you and find out what you've been up to.

quiltmom said...

You are one busy lady- I am sure you will have everything all organized the way you like - It is nice when you get lots of things done - it is such a satisfying feeling.
Have a great weekend and treat yourself to something special.

Bonnie said...

Although Bette Bunny is adorable I was hoping for a Bucky Bunny. Any chance of him getting his own pattern or is he in the Bette pattern? I'm starting the spring pattern this weekend ... got a quilt top that needs to be finished by Monday night to demo a block but right after that it's time for Spring! Thanks for sharing it! B.

Gran said...

Oh, you are so funny! I am glad you have your weekend to decompress... I am cheering you on. Now I need to go organize the mess I have in the kitchen before I hit the "spare" room. Surprising - I have a ton of quilting and embroidery stuff in both rooms...blushing here.

Kim said...

I worked this morning and then started re-organizing my craft/sewing room. It must be in the water. .LOL seems like there are a few doing that. Having fun seeing what I forgot I had.. sunday will be for sewing most of the day. Have a great weekend.

Julia from Thimbleberries said...

Good luck, Kim, with getting the craft stuff picked up. I cannot even bear the thought of another craft until the stuff I do already has a home, not just shoved here and there.

I'm working on the Spring quilt, but not as much as Imelda....and I want you to know that it is still lying flat. That is a real accomplishment for me with quilts put together in diagonal rows!