Friday, July 11, 2008

What a Relief!

The weekend's here! Yippeee! This has been a trying week, I can tell you! The pressure to get the hollyhock quilt done was stressful, and then remember how I told you I was going to bed early Wednesday night and that I was taking Tylenol PM? Well, I overslept the next morning and was late to work! I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow I had my alarm set to a sports talk am radio station, which is pretty much guaranteed to put me to sleep in the best of circumstances, and the volume was turned pretty low. Somehow the talking men finally got through to my sleeping brain, and I woke up to find it was nearly 8:30 a.m. and I'm supposed to be to work by 9! ARGH!

Then, of course, it's been really, really hot here and smoky/hazy with the fires in Northern California, so that's been unpleasant. Today it was much cooler with temperatures in the low 90s--what a big relief! It was still pretty smoky outside though, and the air quality inside the office wasn't too great either. Sometime around midafternoon, the office was invaded by men intent on ripping up carpet. Why is it men always seem to make such big messes?! Today they ripped carpet all the way up to the very edge of my cubicle--

Yep, that's my desk. See my little quilt on the wall? You can just see the top peeking out over the computer monitor. And on Monday afternoon, they'll be back to rip the carpet out from under me--literally.

I took a few photos to document the insanity, but there was no way to capture the noise of loud-talking men tearing things apart and banging on anything they could find to bang on, which made any efforts to get any work done pretty futile. Here's where they have the carpet cut but still on the floor--

Then, look at all the dust and dirt under the carpet! My allergies were sure acting up, despite having taken some allergy medication earlier.

I sincerely tried to get some educational photographs because I wanted to present an informative blog post on the subject of the similarities between plumbers and carpet layers, but the darn flash was going off and the guys were a bit startled and, no doubt, wondering what I was taking photos of. There's actually two carpet layers in this photo but Carpet Layer #1 is obscured behind the desk for the most part and Carpet Layer #2 is down that hallway a ways and the flash didn't really illuminate his butt crack him very well.

Anyway, enough about the carpet saga. More may follow next week. Despite some smart remarks from office personnel about my documentary efforts, I was asked to take photos of the law library so they can figure out where the books go once the carpet is down and the shelves are put back. I figure, too, with all that slippery dust and stray tools on the floor and the loose carpet, I might need to document a few Workers' Compensation injuries. You never know! So I'll probably keep snapping shots. Maybe I'll get to do that educational post comparing carpet layers to plumbers after all.

Anyway, it's such a relief to be done with work for the week and heading into the weekend. I have lots of plans for cleaning and puttering around the house, pinning a quilt, doing a little quilting, and maybe heading to the monthly antique faire on Sunday. I spent my lunch hour at the Goodwill store today where I found this apron--

What I'd like to know is who would think to buy an apron at Niagra Falls, the honeymoon capital of the world? I bet that marriage didn't "take"!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Lorraine said...

Hey .... nice work on the photos....I dislike carpet I think it is a health hazard...LOL...and when you look at all the stuff that has leached thru it on to the floor....!! I would love to rip the carpet up in our house and just have the floorboards...may have to do a bit of work on them to bring them up but it has to be better than carpet.....well I think so anyway...LOL...just need to convince the prince!! and I am getting ther......!! we have builders in at work working on another part of the building converting it to a library...they are noisy!! LOL but haven't gone in there with my camera yet...!

Eileen said...

Wonder if any of the lawyers read your blog. Tthey won't be in to work until this job is finished.
What a mess.

Yvonne said...

Thanks for this morning's entertainment. :) I can't believe they expect you to work through all that.....good grief!

Carol said...

Maybe the apron signifies the honeymoon is over time to get the hubby's dinner made.

SC Sally said...

That apron looks like a "mother-in-law" gift to me.......

Sherry said...

Hi Kim. I'm so far behind on blog reading. Ripping up carpet is a nasty job and with your allergies I think you should be off work with pay until they are finished. :) You really don't think of Niagra Falls & aprons together, do you? Maybe it's all the new bride wears to prepare her hubby's meals. LOL Hope you're enjoying your week-end.

Vicky said...

I'll bet you a donut the husband bought the apron! LOL

Hope things get back to normal for you quickly. What a mess!

Thimbleanna said...

Hey, maybe the new bride pushed the guy over the edge after he bought her that apron! We could make up scenarios all day LOL!