Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pinning and Cleaning Day

Our weather has cooled down a little bit--if you call temperatures in the 90s "cooled down," anyway. At least it's not so bad in the mornings and late at night, and I can open the windows and turn off the air conditioning before we go to bed, so that's quite an improvement over the weather we had earlier in the week! I took advantage of it and jumped out of bed bright and early this morning so I could get a quilt pinned out on the patio before it got too hot. Well, maybe "jumped" isn't quite accurate, nor is "bright and early." But in my world, when you go to sleep at 2 a.m., 8 a.m. IS pretty darn bright and early! And if I'm semi-conscious when my feet first hit the floor, that's close enough to "jumping" for me!

I pieced this quilt maybe about a year or two ago. I think it was before I started blogging, so I probably haven't shown it before, but I might be wrong. It's all made from Thimbleberries scraps, and I was so darn excited about it, that I immediately pieced a backing and cut the batting. Other things interfered, though, so I bundled it up and set it aside until now. The funny thing was that when I was laying it out on the tables, I found the batting I had put with the rest was nowhere near large enough for the quilt! I have no idea how that happened, but I suspect I somehow switched the batting I cut for this quilt with something else. Who knows? I sure was happy I had that brand new humongous roll of batting though! It saved the day--and my sanity!

I hope to start quilting this one in the next few weeks. I'd like to get a second quilt pinned while I still have the tables set up on the patio--I'll have to look through my basket of quilt tops and pick something out.

After the pinning, the cleaning commenced. The Boy Child moved out last Sunday, but he seems to have left all his "stuff" behind. I patiently waited all week for him to come and finish the job, but nope, he never showed up. Here's the "before" photo--

I finally got impatient today and decided to bag and box everything he had strewn around the room. I felt kind of mean doing it, but hey! I wanted that room back! I couldn't figure out what to do with all of it, so in the end, I decided to cart it all out to the patio table (the non-quilt-pinning patio table) and pile it all up. And wouldn't you know? About an hour after I finished, the Boy Child called to say he was coming over this afternoon to pack up all that stuff. Ha!

And he actually DID come by, but he pretty much just went outside and rummaged through the bags to find something to wear for soccer and then left again. He said he'd be back, but we haven't seen him. So now I'm not quite feeling as mean for having bagged and boxed everything up.

(In typical "mom fashion," as I was writing this, I thought, "What if something terrible happened to him that kept him from coming back?!" So I called his cell phone, and he's fine--he just didn't end up having time. Apparently he's on his way here now though--of course, it's nearly 10 p.m. Kids! ROFLOL!)

And here are the "after" photos--

I ended up putting the hollyhock quilt on the bed in there and I love it! I think it's just the perfect size for a queen or double; it was okay on our king but not great. Besides, I have a summer-weight quilt I like to use on our bed anyway, so this worked out well.

I've been cleaning sporadically all day long and I still have the kitchen left to clean. I've left that until last because I also want to do some rearranging of the hutch and other decorations in that room. At this point, though, I think it may have to wait until tomorrow because I'm plumb tuckered out! I may--or may not!--head into the Sweat Shop for a little while and work on quilting the blue and white Hat Trick quilt.

Wherever you are, I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, doing whatever you most enjoy!


Quilt Nut said...

i LOVE your Thimbleberries quilt!
the room looks great!

Eileen said...

Wild boy probably figured that since you had cleaned the room out that it didn't matter when he got his stuff. Hope it doesn't rain before he comes and gets it.

Gee, the room looks great now with the Hollyhocks quilt on it.

Teresa said...

That room looks to me like it is just begging someone to come and have a Sunday afternoon nap in it. Hope you will hear the call.
Your quilt is so pretty. Scrap quilts with traditional blocks are just the best there is!

Carol said...

You were a very busy girl Miss Kim...aren't boys something...they just know if they wait long enough Mom won't be able to stand it any longer and it all will be taken care gotta love em! Mine's 30 now so I speak from experience...LOL! The room looks great and oh I LOVE your star quilt. Did you design that pattern?

Anonymous said...

I hate to brag, but here in N.Indiana it is 65 this AM. Was almost 90 yesterday though. Another of those nice cool fronts passed by.

The room looks great with the new quilt. Gotta love those kids. They know Mom will do it. Hope by now he has returned and retrived his very valuable belongings. I really like the quilt you have pinned. Could you share the pattern? Stars are so nice and I have lots of TB scraps that need a home. You are so great with your designs. You really should share some of these with Lynette.

Thanks also for missing me. It made me feel good to know you cared. It is just a hard time for me right now.

Linda Z

Carol said...

I love your Hollyhocks quilt and the Thimbleberries quilt too, both are just beautiful.

Chris said...

I agree with Linda Z. You really should share your Thimbleberries quilts with Lynette. They are beautiful. The star quilt "took my breath away!" It's gorgeous!


Sharon Mac said...

Kim, Another winner. Your quilts are all so beautiful. You can inspire me to quilt. Now cleaning well... thas another day Off to sew

Andrea said...

I absolutely love this quilt. I am thinking of making a star quilt. I may have a go at working out measurements and stuff for this. Your son has a great sense of timing - lol !

MichelleB said...

Love the quilt that you have pinned. It's a wonderful pattern. And the hollyhocks quilt looks great in the "guest" room. What table do you use to pin your quilts on? And what makes your quilt on your king bed summer weight?

Kristie said...

I LOVE your Thimbleberries quilt!!! Do you remember what the pattern was??? I would love to make one!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

I LOVE this quilt! I love all your quilts, but I love the stars in this one. You amaze me with all you accomplish!

Lorraine said...

Hey the least you could do if you were going to sneak in and take photos of Mark's room is stop and say hello!!! love the washing basket on the bed....we kept losing washing baskets...Mark would take his washing back to his room and there the baskets would stay....!! gotta love 'em!

Thimbleanna said...

I LOVE that star quilt Kim! And I can SO relate to that messy room. My boys are both moving this weekend (still have residue from the oldest, even tho he's newly married) -- then we'll have oldest intermittently for the next three weeks as they get settled -- then WooHoo! I can clean the upstairs. It currently looks a lot like your messy picture. Kids!

Kairle said...

Love your mystery quilt. That was from a couple of years ago, wasn't it? Glad to see you're getting it ready to quilt. It will be great for fall decorating!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love the Thimbleberries quilt and the Hollyhock one. Man what a differnt look after you cleaned up that room. LOL You dont mess around do you?