Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Sure Talk Alot!

I was looking for a photo in some back posts--probably about a year ago--and realized I sure do talk alot! Well, actually I think Blogger's telling me this is something like my 544th post, so that should tell me something, huh? Well, but it's fun chatting with you!

I'm having another lazy night of no sewing. I don't know if I'm in a slump or just preferring to be lazy, but it's all good--I'm doing what I feel like doing. Still, I have a couple things I wanted to mention.

If you read my post yesterday, you'll have noticed the story had me thinking of Jace. Chances are you won't have read the comment Jace left later in the day, so I'll stick it right here--

"Ah yes... the old "nipples on fire" thing. Been there done that one already, still got the flashbacks. Oddly enough, with y'all associating me with this story, I used to sell these things when I was in the gun business. Your next question is "Did you try 'em out?" My answer... hesitantly is "yes". It was 2 days before I quit scraping my tongue on my front teeth and another 3 days before the Tourettes completely stopped. Let me tell you sometime 'bout the self indulgence of pepper spray, just to test it you know. Thanks for the laugh Kim. I like you. :-) Jace"

See, was I wrong about it reminding me of Jace? One can only hope that back when he was in the gun business, he didn't try the guns out on himself too! And if you haven't read Jace's story about Vicky (LA Quilter) and her trip to the hardware store, click HERE.

Second, let me introduce you to Jack.

Jack is Boy Boss's boy and he now has a name. Jack and momma went home today and both are doing well. Boy Boss came into the office a bit at the end of the day and seemed tired but pleased. Look at those eyes! What a cutie, huh?! Oh, and that reminds me--did you see that the night I posted saying Boy Boss had gone to get his baby but we hadn't heard anything, he posted a comment at around 1 a.m. saying the baby was born? Well, I knew he read my blog sometimes, but I didn't really think he'd go home after having a baby and read my blog in the middle of the night!

And Girl Boss? She finished taking the Nevada bar exam today and called me as she was leaving Reno. She said it was pretty rough, but I'm sure she's glad it's over now, but for the waiting. Results should come out around October, I think. She'll be back to work again on Monday.

Finally, remember the mystery minis I was working on and couldn't show you? Well, today was "Christmas" over in Quilters Hollow, my Thimbleberries internet group, and everyone was supposed to open their "present." I haven't heard that my gal opened hers yet, but hopefully she'll open it before she ever sees this post, so I'll finally share with you what I've been doing.

This is an older Thimbleberries pattern and I've always liked it, so I had to make myself one too. Then, since I was making two already, I decided to make a third. The center appliqued portion is wool. I think I may donate the third one to our local hospital's breast cancer quilt auction to raise money. They have the auction every two or three years and I've been meaning to make a quilt but hadn't gotten to it yet; then it occured to me this would work quite well for the purpose. I quilted all three slightly different and there are a couple other minor differences but they're pretty subtle.

Time to get off the computer and get back to the serious business of vegging out on the couch in front of the television. Thanks for dropping by!


anne bebbington said...

Beautiful baby - there's something of an air of wonderment in those eyes - magical!

Eileen said...

Jack looks like he has been around a bit. Not a new born. Even has his eyes open. Gguess he was glad that they finally decided on his name.

Beautiful baby.

Mary said...

What a trip to see that TB quilt! I made exactly like the one in their book years ago when it first came out. It was a gift for a friend and always vowed I'd make me one! Other projects seem to take center stage and this little number for me on the back burner. Thanks for the reminder.

MichelleB said...

Nice quilt! Loved the Jace/LA Quilter story - never a dull moment in L.A., eh? Jack is adorable - congratulations to the boy boss.

debijeanm said...

You don't talk as much as I do and you have a lot more to say. It's one of the reasons I visit here so often.

Jack is beautiful, Boy Boss. Again, congratulations.

Did you introduce me to Jace? (It was one of my blog friends who posted Jace's picture and compared it to something unflattering but remarkably alike.) He's a treat to read for sure. He and Sal are very talented folks.

This quilt is particularly stunning (saying a lot to someone who completes so many spectacular quilts). Thanks for sharing.

yellowfarmhouse said...

Love jace's description. Now that is one sweet baby - what a cutie. Hey I also have one of those Thimbleberrie quilts hanging in my sewing room. But I didn't make it, bought it for cheap and I still love it. Thanks for sharing :)

Hugs - karen

Greenmare said...

you can never go wrong publishing a cute baby picture on your blog, it doesn't even matter if the baby is related, cute wins every time.
also, the taser story made me laugh out loud and scare the cat.

Vallen said...

I can hardly resist baby-ness. Lucky you!!! And one so cute, too.

quiltmom said...

Hi Kim
As always, you have something interesting to tell about in your blog. The thimbleberries quilt is lovely- I am sure that the rest are too. You do beautiful work-

Jack is a gorgeous baby - it is becoming a more popular name again- I know a few babies named Jack now.
As for Jace- he is a really funny guy and a great storyteller- more than a few times he has had me laughing so hard that I had tears pouring down my face. My parents were both from farming backgrounds, and Jace's stories of life on the farm resonant with some experiences that my extended family would tell at gatherings.

By the way, I often check out your book list- though I don't get as much read as I once did- I have read some of the series of books that include "These is my words" by Nancy E.Turner that you recommended last summer. I lent my copies to my mom and she is really loving the series.

I know what you mean about not being inspired- I chalk it up to the ebb and flow of quilting- I think that I should be using my summertime more wisely and I am getting some things done but I could get a lot more done if I didn't go from thing to thing. However I am just about finished the top of a coin quilt - it just needs the outside borders. I guess sometimes the body just needs R and R whether one goes away some place or not so that is what I am doing too.
Have a great weekend.

Cowguy said...

Hehe... A blog comment from the day before recycled into your current post. Genius, Kim. Pure Genius. I have made note of that trick and will most likely use it myself at some point in my blogging future.

A little flattered as well.

I wish I hadn't said "nipples on fire" though.

Ah well... :-)

Nope, never shot myself, on purpose...

Oh! Cute kid too! Great name, very manly. I'm a big fan of babies everywhere.

Thimbleanna said...

What a beautiful baby! Congratulations to the Boy Boss Family. Now you can watch him grow!

Lorraine said...

Love that Thimbleberries quilt...and Jack is pretty cute...what else would one do on getting home from the hospital but read your blog....!!