Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thimbleberries "Camp"

I mentioned yesterday that I had attended Thimbleberries "Camp" at one of our local quilt shops and had changed the pattern I was making. Here's the kit I bought and didn't make because I was tired of trees--

And here's what I made instead, using mostly the fabrics from the kit. The pattern for the star block pattern is from the new Pint Size Traditions II Thimbleberries book.

I was a little too tired last night to tell you much about the camp, but it was a lot of fun. They fed us--corn chowder, 9-can soup, jello fruit salad, bread, and brownie sundaes--yum! We also were given Easter goodie bags that contained a few pencils, a packet of fabric wash, and a couple Tootsie Rolls. Quilt shop ladies always seem to understand the need for a few sweet treats to keep us going, don't they? And speaking of treats to keep us going, they also suprised us with charm packs of the Lakeside and Lodge fabrics along with a Miss Rosie Schnibbles pattern. Cute stuff!

My weekend projects are coming along. Besides that Thimbleberries quilt top, I finished another small top--I'll show you that one later. And I got my house cleaned. It used to be that I could take a good part of the day cleaning and procrastinating along the way, but I found that if I only allow myself a specified period of time, I get it done much faster and can get back to playing a lot sooner. We have a small house but I have a lot of very valuable (not!) "stuff" that needs to be cleaned and dusted, so I figure two hours is enough to get it all reasonably clean. Whatever's not done at the end of two hours, just doesn't get done--so far, I've managed to get everything done by the end of the two hours.

Tomorrow my husband and I are meeting our friends, Terry and Lisa, and taking my sister-in-law Kathy out to dinner to celebrate her birthday. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATH!) I might not get quite as much done this weekend as I first thought, but I'm sure looking forward to getting together with our friends. Oh, and not having to cook dinner--did I mention that I'm really looking forward to not having to cook dinner too?!

A couple of you were interested in the measurements for the Gardener's Touch quilt blocks, so I'll try to get those posted tomorrow (Sunday). Don't forget to spring forward if you're in an area that goes to Daylight Savings Time!


Eileen said...

Love the new quilt Kim, Shows off the fabric great. Course it's blue. Great job as usual.

julieQ said...

Such a pretty quilt, I really love your fabrics. Have a wonderful time out!

Nan said...

What a gorgeous quilt, Kim! I love what you did with those fabrics!
The camp you went to sounds like such fun - I must do one of those some day.
2 hours for house cleaning is a great idea - then you can sew with a "clean" conscience! LOL!

Julia said...

I have the first Pint Size book, but I didn't know there was a new one out. I did a Google search and all that I can find is the first one. Can you send me the ISBN number or a picture?
I LOVE Schnibbles!!!!

Suzan said...

Really pretty quilt! I love the alternative blocks that you used.

Linda said...

Wow, I would never have thought of doing that, maybe I just don't exercise my brain enough.. great quilt.