Thursday, March 20, 2008

The NEXT Big Thing!

Happy SPRING, everyone! I heard on the radio on my way home from work that today's the first day of spring. I sure hope all the snow melted today, just in time for Easter and Easter egg hunts! Around here, even the Starbucks Bears are required to dress appropriately for the holiday!

Can you tell I'm feeling a little less boring today? A trip to the quilt shop always perks me up some. And did I find what I was looking for? Yes, indeedy, I did, I did! In the $5/yard bin, too. That's it there in the roll, sitting on top of the bunny/carrot top. It will really go well as a backing to this quilt.

And what other wonders were at the quilt shop, you ask?! Ah, wonders indeed! Now you'd think that since Easter's almost here, I'd bypass all Easter/Spring fabrics, wouldn't you? But no, I couldn't pass up these couple Easter fat quarters you can see near the top of the photo--I've been kind of eyeing this fabric line for the last month or two, every time I passed the bolts. No, maybe I won't make anything more THIS Easter, but I hope to get around to whipping up a new tablerunner or something next year! Oh, and there was a yard of Christmas sale fabric and a couple polka dot fat quarters too--those always come in handy when you're crazy about polka dots!

You know what, though? I plum forgot until I pulled up in front of the store that I wanted to bring my camera along next time I visited. Remember those really cool/creepy bunnies on a bench in the window I told you about? There they were again, and there I was again--with NO CAMERA again! I'll have to go back soon for that photo. The shop owner, Lindy, offered to let me touch them--she said they feel like something from a taxidermist--but I was on a mission to find some fabric, so I regretfully declined.

Have you been wondering what my next quilt theme will be now that the bunnies have almost hopped on by? I have! Well, actually I've been thinking about it for a few years now, but never seemed to get around to it. So I'm announcing it now--the NEXT BIG THING around here, quilt theme-wise, are CHERRIES! I love cherries! Big, plump, red cherries! So look for a few cherry projects in the next couple months. I have a couple ideas bouncing around in my brain like a Pong ball. (Maybe THAT's why I can't sleep!) Do you have any cherry quilts? If so, I'd love it if you'd post them and let me know.

I'd like to stay and chat some more, but I have to get into the Sweat Shop and work on that quilt back and pin this last bunny quilt. The cherries are waiting to come out and play, but first the bunnies have to go away!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

I'll take a photo of a cherry quilt I have. Someone made it for me and I love it. Love the Starbucks bunny.

Eileen said...

Is that the bunnie you bought to wear to work today? You never really showed us the baking fabric. Couldn't see it all rolled up.

Karrin Hurd said...

I have some cherry blocks I got on Ebay, and some cherry fabric set aside for a quilt. I just pulled these out the other day. When I get the top together will take a pic

Amanda said...

I was wondering what the next "big" thing was going to be! I love cherries, too, so I can't wait to see what's been bouncing around in your head!

I posted a picture of a bag that I made to take to the Paducah Quilt Show with me last year. It is here:

I knew a trip to the quilt shop would perk you up. It does the same thing to me!

The Southern Mom said...

Happy Easter! I'm a really big fan of your blog...I've been lurking around and decided it was finally time to leave a comment...better late than never! Love the bunny. Have a good one!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

That bunny is so cute! Love the new fabrics. Spring-colored fabrics just can't help but to perk up the mood. That and a good Starbucks! :o)

Nan said...

The Starbucks bunny/bear is very cute! Love all your fabrics, too.
I don't have any cherry quilts - sorry!