Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy Birthday LISA!

Today's my friend Lisa's birthday, and I wanted to wish her a very happy day! She doesn't read my blog except on rare occasions, but it's the thought that counts, right? Lisa's just not a blogger--I don't think she stays in one place long enough to read anything.

I've told you some funny stories about Lisa before, but there are a couple I haven't told you. One in particular comes to mind because it took place at this time of the year just about . . . oh, something like 24 years ago, maybe.

Remember how I've told you my husband and I agreed when we first got married to only exchange stocking stuffers at Christmas because we couldn't afford "big" gifts? Well, being a newlywed and all and trying to think of what to get for the stocking of my husband who didn't really have any hobbies, I soon developed a "tradition" of stuffing his stocking with . . . hummmm . . . I'm not sure quite how to say it in a delicate way except to say that I stuffed his stocking with "marital aids." After all, those were the gifts that kept on giving, right?!

Anyway, a couple years into the marriage and Christmas was approaching. One day, in chatting with Lisa about buying Christmas gifts, I told her my shopping plan. She thought it was a great idea and asked if she could come along. "Sure," I said. Now you have to realize that back then, despite being in the midst of the "sexual revolution," there weren't a lot of places of this sort that catered to the female shopper--"adult bookstores" were about the only place to shop for these kinds of things and they weren't exactly classy establishments. Nevertheless, we arranged to meet one Saturday morning in the parking lot of a reasonably decent "adult bookstore."

Although Lisa's about four years younger than I am, even when we first met, she struck me as mature and fairly worldly--more so than me in some ways. I arrived in the parking lot that Saturday morning at the designated time and had to wait a little bit. Soon, though, I saw Lisa's little red BMW pull into the lot, and Lisa got out of the car. Right away, I noticed she was dressed in a suit--kind of a tweedy pleated wool skirt and jacket and fairly conservative pumps. On a Saturday morning. "Do you have to be somewhere later? A meeting or something?," I asked. As it turned out, no, Lisa didn't have anywhere to go but the adult bookstore that morning. In fact, she had worn the suit only because she didn't want to look "scuzzy" and cheap. As I later learned, this was the first time Lisa had ever been to an adult bookstore.

So, picture this. Two women shopping in an adult bookstore at 10 a.m. on a Saturday, one of whom--who just happens to be 6 feet tall--wearing a suit. Yeah, we blended in and weren't at all conspicuous! LOL!

Happy birthday, Lisa, you wild thing, you!


Eileen said...

You were a wild one, weren't you? What a laugh.

Beth said...

What a cute story! Way to go to your friend Lisa! Happy birthday Lisa!

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Birthday to Lisa. And, um, I'm thinking Lisa isn't the wild one LOL!!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I'm agreeing with Thimbleanna that uh YOU are the wild one!! And if I ever go to an adult bookstore I'm for sure wearing a suit oh and HEELS!!! LOL!!

Nan said...

Love your story! It reminds me of a story. When my hubby and I were newly married, his best friend was getting married, so hubby decided to go to an 'adult bookstore' to rent a naughty movie for the bachelor party. He was very nervous about going there, as he had never been, and before he left, he said "If I see anyone I know, I'm going to die!". As he later told me, he goes in the store and is wandering around, looking at all the 'goodies', when he hears a voice say, "Hi Dave, what're you doing here?"!! It was our apartment manager, who worked at the bookstore part-time!!! I know hubby just about had a heart attack!! LOL!!
Happy Birthday to friend Lisa!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

The gift that keeps on giving.!!!!...very apt when my DH has just shown up after being away for a week and a half!! Tracey