Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunshine and Apple Pie

In this part of the state of California, it wouldn't really be fall without a trip up to Apple Hill. Apple Hill is comprised of quite a few small farms and orchards that open up in the fall (some year round) and sell their produce to the public. Apple Hill is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, off Highway 50 just past Placerville heading east--not too far from the site where gold was discovered back in 1849.

On weekends, the Apple Hill area is jam packed with "tourists" in search of a good apple pie. Many of the farms have craft booths and other activities. Each year, my husband and I make the trip to buy apples and other goodies, and we usually go on a weekday to miss the crowds. Not this year, though--we braved the crowds yesterday.

This was our first stop. Starbucks in Placerville, of course!

There was really only one place I wanted to go to--Boa Vista Orchards--and I know how to get there the back way, so the crowds weren't too horrendous. Of course, even the "back way" has a little traffic!

The red barn-looking buildings are one of the participating growers. See those grape vines to the left? Apple Hill also has several vineyards with wine tasting and sales.


Ah, we finally arrived at Boa Vista Orchards. They have a HUGE open building filled with produce--mostly apples but quite a few other things as well.

Besides two half bushels of apples, I picked up some nice, juicy tomatoes, apple cider, apple pumpkin butter, soup and chili spices, and a bunch of little pumpkins.

I took this photo for Sharon over at Red Geranium Cottage because Sharon is challenged when it comes to making pie crust. Dough balls, Sharon!!! That's actually one of my secrets--most of my pie-making is done in the fall with apples, and I just buy enough dough balls to make the number of pies I want to make. The dough is fresh and homemade, and several of the farms sell these dough balls. Yum!

After loading up the car, my husband and I headed back to Placerville for a late lunch of sandwiches at Sweetie Pie's. The weather was wonderful, and we sat out on the open air porch. Look at that blue sky!

Across the street was this old building--I just took a photo to give you an idea of some of the older, historic buildings in Placerville.

Then we headed home to Sacramento--I'm sure the city is down there somewhere!


And look what I found when I unloaded my purchases! (Okay, I actually found TWO! Two for $10--couldn't pass up that deal!)


Yes, my husband and I are dieting, but we really couldn't go to Apple Hill and NOT get apple pie. Could we? No! So we decided we'd skip dinner and go right to the dessert. Sure tasted good with a little (lite) vanilla ice cream on top!


Su Bee said...

I could skip our quilt show next week and peel out for Placerville. I've always loved that town and now you say it has PIES??? Durn - and I've been jonesing for apple pie. Gotta go.....must go.....OK leaving NOW!

Sharon said...

OMG dough balls???? Hook me up girlfriend. Dough balls could be my new best friend. I've seen pizza dough at Trader Joes but dough balls??? Thanks for thinking of me and taking that wonderful photographic picture. You can't beat a good picture of a dough ball. Let's see how many times I could say dough ball!! LOL

Vicky said...

Your days sounds wonderful! I sure wish we had something like that down here. Apple pie is one of my favorites!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Needless to say, some of Kim's "famous in Australia" apple cake is on the menu soon? We actually had some out of the freezer when my sister was here and it still got rave revues!
But, dough that's a bit decadent (says she who just gets frozen pastry sheet!!!!! Tracey

Tazzie said...

Oh, what a wonderful adventure. I just love apple pie!

Eileen said...

What a bargin for the pies. No wonder you went off that diet for the night. Here the fresh home made pies are from $5.50 to 8.95. at the one orchard we've gone to.

I knew you would HAVE to put ice cream on that pie. YMM.

Carole said...

Wow, sounds like a great fall trip. We haven't yet visited the orchards around here. Stephen is too caught up in the barn to think about fresh picked apples let alone apple pies. Yea, it's a ritual for him, he makes apple pies. It's the only baking he does! Thanks for sharing your day!

mar said...

I really need to get out more! I've always heard of Apple Hill, but never went. Looks like a glorious day, now I want some pie!

Kairle said...

How great that you had such nice weather for your outing. It's fun to have those little traditions during special times of the year.

Kim said...

oooooooo Apple picking ! We go on Columbus Day every year :) Kiddies are off of school and hubby's off so away we go. We get our pumpkins then too right out of the pumpkin patch. I got my candied apple kits and ready to go.

atet said...

Again, I can't argue with the need for apple pie. This time of year demands it!