Friday, September 14, 2007

Quilting Stuff

A few days ago, Darlene asked what part of quilting we liked best. Have you noticed, by the way, that Darlene has an awful lot of questions? I think she's writing a book or something. Anyway, I answered that I like all parts of quilting, but I don't like them all at the same time. Sometimes I like piecing, sometimes I like applique, and sometimes I like the quilting. Heck, sometimes I even like binding because it means I've just about finished a project and have a completed quilt! But rarely do I like all of the parts of quilting in the correct sequence, which probably explains why I have so many projects at different stages of completion.

My current project is a fall leaf quilt. I have hopes of finishing it in time for fall. This fall. Yes, I started it LAST fall, but I'm close to getting the top done, and in my head, the plan is to get it pinned and start quilting it this weekend. I only have two more squares to applique--and when I say "squares," I really DO mean squares. Nothing hard. Just like sewing a label on a quilt. Or, in this case, TWO labels. But do you think I could just get it done?

Well, it seems I've kind of gone off applique all of a sudden. Maybe it's the hole in my finger. (I don't like thimbles.) Maybe it's my perverse nature that's just keeping me from finishing the darn thing so I can move on to the next step. But most likely it's just that I've changed the focus of my quilting passion.

So what's my favorite part about quilting RIGHT NOW? Sadly enough, I seem to be deeply engrossed in the SHOPPING part. I don't know why. For some reason, I'm lusting for the Holly Jolly fabrics. Which reminds me of another of Darlene's never-ending questions--something along the lines of what type of fabrics are you most drawn to? For me, it's always been country/folk/primitive/reproduction. Why, then, this sudden passion for cheerful/bright/slightly retro? I've been wondering where I'll even PUT a quilt made out of the Holly Jolly fabrics because I think quite possibly the only room in my house that might embrace these fabrics is my bedroom, and I'm just not up for making another MONSTER-sized quilt. What a quandry!

So, I think I'll take a page from Darlene's book and ask YOU some questions:

1. Do you think I've gone insane?

2. Has your taste in fabrics ever changed drastically?

3. What do they do to you when you mortgage your house to buy more fabric?

4. For tomorrow's day of beauty, should I shave my legs again or stick slices of cucumber on my eyes?

5. Do you prefer men in boxers or briefs? (Well, I guess I'm not TOTALLY consumed with buying fabric--I'm still able to mentally multi-task.)

Inquiring minds . . . .


floribunda said...

my hubby recently found underwear that's a hybrid of boxers and briefs... knit fabric like briefs but a longer leg like boxers. they're pretty cool. as for the "are you crazy" issues... I'll just leave that alone!

Tazzie said...

Noooo ... nothing like insane ... I love the shopping part too, and I love repro fabrics. In fact, I love all fabrics in different ways, I just don't seem to have enough of them!?! Hmmm ... I'd stay away from the finance in the family if I were you tho. As for the beauty - why not do both ... just don't mix them and shave the eyes and put cuc's on the legs ...
And finally, as for boxers or briefs, I'll get back to you, I need to study the picture more closely ...

Darlene said...

Well, for Pete's sake at least I only ask one question at a time!

1. Yes!
2. My taste in fabric evolves constantly (just don't care for those batiks!)
3. Haven't mortgaged the house yet- whew!
4. Both
5. Boxers or briefs - doesn't matter as long as the men wearing them look good coming and going! teehee

Vicky said...

I skipped right to #5! I'll take David Beckham in any of them! :)

Su Bee said...

What'ya writin a book or sumpthin??

1. Not at all. You've been there for awhile now!
2. Every fourth month
3. **gulp** I heard they tell your husband!
4. - Hey - you owe us pictures of the leg shavin!
5. Briefly? I never think about men in boxers.

Teresa said...

1. Quite possibly, but unless you are 'dangerous' I don't think that is an issue. It might actually just make you more creative in which case it's a positive thing!

2. Yes and I was quite puzzled by it. I have always been drawn to bright colorful fabrics and hated plaids. I found myself a couple of years ago just in love with the Japanese taupes and plaids from Daiwabo. It was totally unexpected and I still like them. So maybe it's not a temporary thing on your part?

3. Look at you with complete and utter awe.

4. I dunno here..that's a tough one. Weather is cooling off, you might need that extra fur for warmth maybe go with the cucumbers.

5. I prefer them in neither! Naked is totally the way to go. ;)

mar said...

#2. I like it all and about #3 I'm getting close to finding out because I like it all!! #5 I like it all :-)(Oh a #1 & #4 ? just be yourself Kim)

Linda said...

I'm not touching #1.
2. Always changes, depends which part of menopause I'm going through at the time.
3. I'd hate to think more of what would your hubby do.
4. I just about wet myself when I read Teresa's answer, so I'm with her the extra warmth may be needed, but if that's the way you're gonna go then you need to balance it out and leave the armpits alone as well.
5. Again Teresa's reply had me thinking I needed to make a quick trip to the bathroom, but I'm with her on that one.

Bren said...

1. Yes but that is your charm!

2. not drastically, but somwhat..clear as mud?

3. I think you become single.

4. Just don't shave your legs with cucumbers on your eyes!

5. As long as they are not wearing my underwear, I'm ok.

Thimbleanna said...

1. Nope.
2. Yes!
3. I have no idea. But if they take the house, you'll have lots of fabric to take to live with you in your new cardboard box.
4. Definitely cucumbers -- your eyes must be properly cared for for blog reading.
5. Bright, happy boxers made from quilt fabrics!
And I can totally explain the shopping frenzy/love of brights -- it's all of these damn blogs. We see this stuff everywhere and just can't hold ourselves back. You're not alone. Maybe we should start a 12-step program. ;-) (As if we wanted to be cured!)

Eileen said...

This is so funny, Kim Here's my answers to your questions.
#1 - Yes
#2 Sure - Right now it's the brights in TB.
#3 Never
#4. Maybe go to a Spa and do it right.
#5 You are nuts.

Greenmare said...

1- I'm pretty sure you have always been there, so "gone" is not the issue here
2- constantly! which explains some of the things in my stash that I really don't know what to do with
3- it's called a denial I think
4- I think you should eat the cucumber and put your legs up
5- I prefer my honey in whatever he picks for the day

Sharon said...

#1 No
#2 Yes
#3 Who needs a house. I can build a fort with all the fabric I have. So I say shop on!! Forget the mortgage.
#4 I say cucumbers. But I like whoever said eat the cucumbers and put your legs up.LMAO!!!
#5 Boxers
#6 You really are nuts.

Carole said...

You know, I bought Calvin Klein boxes strictly for the packaging which, I still have next to my sewing machine. At the rate I bought them, I didn't need to keep every package! I'm a Calvin Klein boxer girl! Oh.... I just love those models. Of course I haven't seen any in small town USA. I need more Calvin Klein Boxers! lol Off to machine quilt and look at my packaging! ROFL

Carole said...

Oh sorry, I need to answer all the questions. I just got carried away with the boxers and Calvin Klein. Okay here goes:

1. Duh.....
2. Yea and so has my taste in quilts. However, I still refuse to to have anything to do with Sun bonnet sue!
3. I dont' know but it would seem to me that you might have better luck if you sold your body! lol
4. Well, if you're gonna wear Calvin Klein boxer shorts you would look better if you shaved your legs!
5. I love boxer shorts. I wear them around the house all the time. Sadly, I'm running out cause dh wears keeps stealing my underwear. ROFL

atet said...

Ok, have to answer these questions:

1. No more than usual
2. Changed, oh yeah, all the time. Sometimes depending on the cycle of the moon, the tides, etc. They're called moods. Everyone has mroe than one -- enjoy the ride and a lap quilt is fine to express a mood.
3. Nothing really, though they may look at you funny and you husband may object.
4. Shave your legs in the tub (bath) while waiting for the tub to fill and/or after finishing the shave soak in the water and use the cucumbers.
5. Commando :0)

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

And I am not buying until I lose some kilos, it is my reverse fabric diet...and it and the flu are going to see me put an order in any time now! Husband is even encouraging it as I am feeling miserable!! Tracey

Carol said...

1. Not even slightly insane
2. Not drastically, except for this Holly Jolly obsession I have going on
3. Be like Scarlett O'Hara and "worry about that tomorrow"
4. I think eating the cucumbers is a fine idea
5. Boxers

Patti said...

Here's some answers LOL!

1. No
2. Absolutely
3. Give you an understanding hug
4. At my age I've stopped caring about beauty - what you see is what you get and if you don't like it then I don't care!
5. It's a toss up . . . never really thought about it.

Marcie said...

Way to attract the weirdos Kim. (Yeah, I keep coming back).

Yvonne said...

I'm not answering any of these on the grounds that it may incriminate me.
Did you tell Su bee that you will charge her extra for the autographed copy of this book.... Kim's Really Big Insane Adventures

did ya miss me???????