Sunday, August 5, 2007


I'm sorry I'm not going to be very amusing or entertaining, but at least I'm also not going to tempt you into buying fabric you don't need today!

I'm feeling BLAH! And I really, really hate feeling that way on a weekend, because it's such a WASTE! I've had some female issues (not to be too indelicate) plaguing me this weekend, contributing to my general blahness, and I can't even eat a bunch of chocolate to console myself because of this dumb diet. Carrots just don't do it for me.

Remember I said I was determined to finish quilting the monster this weekend? Well, I've had nothing but trouble with my sewing machine, and I think I'm going to need to take it into the shop. It's been sounding a little funny lately and I ran into trouble a week or two ago. A good cleaning, oiling, and needle change seemed to solve the problem well enough, but then it started acting up again this weekend. Cleaning, oiling, and needle change did nothing to help. And what's really annoying is that I just have the outside setting triangles on less than two of the borders left to quilt. Grrrr! Tonight I'll set up my Bernina and maybe see if I can do any quilting on it, but I bought the Juki because I was having problems with tension on free motion quilting with the Bernina--which is what I need to do, so I'm not hopeful. In any event, I'm behind schedule now, so even if the Bernina does work out, I won't have the quilt done in time for my Thimbleberries Club meeting on Wednesday. I know it's only a self-imposed deadline, but still . . . .

Then I was going to clean house today and actually DID clean part of it before I pooped out and decided to take a break. That break's now lasted the rest of the day.

And you know what else? I just realized I never took a bath today. How can a person forget something like that? Well, the plan was to clean house and then clean myself, and you know how far I got on that plan! I guess I should at least go take a nice, relaxing bath.

I have a gazillion sewing projects I've been looking forward to working on once I finished quilting the monster, so you'd think that with a little reprieve due to machine failure I'd be making the most of it and pulling out fabrics and patterns willy nilly, but the blahs kind of make it a lot less interesting and make me a lot less motivated. BLAH! Double BLAH!

I thought about not posting to my blog today, but since I post pretty much every day, I didn't want to worry anyone if there wasn't anything new here. Hopefully the blahs will subside and I'll have something entertaining for you to read soon. I know this will pass. And if it doesn't, I'm eating the chocolate anyway and to heck with the diet! In the meantime, I'll go back to contemplating my navel . . . .


Bren said...

Even when you are blah, you are fun! Dark chocolate is actually good for you and helps release seratonin in the brain which gets rid of the blahs...that is why women crave it monthly!!

Carol said...

Feel better...but you are still a hoot!

Vicky said...

Managing an orange grove used to be part of my job, and we got a ton of trade magazines about citrus. One of them had a huge one-page ad for something or other with a picture of a navel orange like yours with a belly ring in it. It was hilarious!

Hope you're feeling better today. Sometimes it's best to just give in to the blahs and rest.

Yvonne said...

Sorry you're feeling blah. I do hope you get your sewing machines issues fixed....big bummer. I vote for the chocolate :)

Darlene said...

You must have lots and lots of chocolate - do it, you'll feel much better! Do it NOW.

I hope today is better!

JudyL said...

Chocolate is always ok in emergency situations. Hope the blahs are gone or at least, on their way out.

QuiltMom said...

Hope you are feeling better and that you soon find your groove again. Blahs often seem like a waste of time but maybe you just needed some quiet time. We are often so busy we don't stop to listen to our own stillness. If that doesn't work for you- there is always chocolate :)
It is annoying when our machines don't work- they are great when they do but a big pain when they don't- I hope it doesn't take you too long to get your machine running properly.
Your navel orange made me smile.
Have a better week,
Regards from A Western Canadian Quilter,

Sharon said...

HYSTERECTOMY, wonderful fixer, too bad I couldn't have had one at 23. Bummer about the machine problems, they are kind of like cars, great when working properly but a real pain when not running. I say eat chocolate until you can get a hysterectomy.


Greenmare said...

hang in there Kimmmer~
have some chocolate, and look through a quilt book you haven't opened in a while.

Sharon said...

Cheer up my Kim!!! Don't be down. Get in that sewing room and sew on that Halloween fabric. Those cute little cat heads should cheer you up.
Female problems suck for sure. But they usually go away.