Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Patty!

Today's my friend Patty's birthday. Go on over and say happy birthday to her if you're so inclined--just click on her name above or the link in the sidebar, and leave a message on her peanut post. I'm not quite sure what's happened to Patty; she's had that peanut post on her blog for weeks now. I hope it wasn't a sudden allergy to peanuts, although I think I might be developing one for all the times I've popped over there to check if there's something new.

The funny thing is that Patty and I started our blogs at about the same time, because Patty thought we should give Kairle a hard time for not posting to her blog for a year. Kairle always has lots of good ideas to share and quilts to drool over, and we were missing out on all that good stuff. So Patty came up with this plan for us all to leave Kairle messages, and the rest is history. Kairle started blogging again and Patty and I started our blogs, except Patty seems to have too much stuff going on in her life to post to her blog very often.

Since I've known Patty--which has been something like four years now--she's come up with several different ideas about what she wants to do when she retires. I'm telling you, when I retire, I'll RETIRE, but not Patty. When I first met her, she had an online quilt shop--something she wanted to get established so she could have a business when she retired. That was all well and good for a couple years, but it really proved to be too much work since she was still working full time--and overtime quite often--so she eventually closed that business. Since then, she's come up with at least two other plans for working in her retirement years, although retirement is still a few years off, I think. Last time I heard from her a few weeks ago, she was talking about taking some classes to learn some new skills so she can work after she retires. That gal never stops!

Patty is often a bundle of ideas and energy, which makes her a lot of fun to be around. She's a great one for motivating her friends. She always comes up with the most entertaining ideas for our online group. Once she organized a Halloween "party" for us. She opened a group site and we all attended "in costume." Each of us took on a different identity with a different e-mail address for the party, and only Patty knew who was who. During the party, which lasted a few hours, we all got online and chatted about ourselves--in character, of course--and the winner was the person who could match the most characters with their true identities. Who could dream up with that kind of idea? Why Patty, of course!

That's Patty in the photo at the top. If you go on over there to her blog and wish her a happy birthday, please grab yourself a handful of those peanuts. Maybe if we eat them all, she'll be forced to post something new!


Happy Valley Quilter said...

Happy birthday, Patty!

Kim, you failed to mention that you appliqued the quilt that Patty is holding! Such a beautiful job!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday to Patty!She is cute and you both are so blessed to be such close friends, with a common interest.Nice quilt which she's holding.Happy weekend!