Thursday, May 10, 2007

Stars Over the Pumpkin Patch

Just a little quilters' eye candy, as I promised the other day. This is called Stars Over the Pumpkin Patch. I shamelessly ripped off Linda Ballard's Stars Over St. Louis stars and Irish chain idea (after I took her class and made that quilt--you can order the pattern from her) and replaced the plain blocks with pieced pumpkins. I used the design as a mystery quilt for my online group; I think I'm probably the last one to finish! Happy quilting!


Darlene said...

Definitely eye candy! Stunning quilt, Kim.

Anonymous said...

OMG... I LOVE THIS. The colors, the design, the autumn candy. I love how you modified it with the pumpkins. It's not ripping off... it's adding frosting to the cake!

I seriously want to make this!

Carole said...

What a gorgeous quilt! I love it! It would make a beautiful table topper for Autumn. Thanks for sharing!