Tuesday, May 8, 2007

More Prince and Canadian Spy Currency

Okay, the guy's still a little odd. Coincidentally--unless there's some weird cosmic Prince thread running through my life--there's a story today that Prince has announced he'll be doing 21 London shows this summer but won't be performing anywhere else in Europe because he must study the Bible. Okay, whatever. No one's ever accused him of being normal! Here's a link:

No more Prince for awhile unless he shows up at my house or something equally newsworthy. Maybe he'll read my blog about my gallbladder "issue" and want to make it up to me since I missed the concert. Maybe he'll read about "C" and want to see the quilt named after one of his songs. Maybe he'll come to my door, bearing my own personal copy of The Watchtower. (Do you think he'd autograph it?)

Oh, and speaking of weird and newsworthy, did you see the story about how American officials were concerned that the Canadian poppy quarters were spy devices being planted on American contractors traveling in Canada? I meant to mention that last night but forgot. How weird is that? I worry about our so-called "intelligence" agencies sometimes, don't you?!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kim, My mother-in-law is a quilter - I'll send you a pic of a quilt she made out of OLD TIES! Yep.
Thanks for visiting my blog, I still can't believe I won that camera!